Odin visits Christ – Short comedy skits for two actors

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A short skit for two actors in which Odin pops round to Christ’s house for a visit (and possibly a bit on the side.)   Odin is a bit down because of his lack of followers lately, other than the occasional nutter in a caftan. Christ helpfully points out that Odin’s followers slaughtering all his potential converts in battle could potentially be the source of the problem? They lament that state of religion nowadays  (Even Satan has opened a club (with air conditioning) in Soho.) and generally have a good old natter about the state of the world and what Odin’s wife wants for Christmas this year.

Author: S Rob

Genre:  Comedy, theological debate (broadly speaking)

Type:  Short comedy skits

Length:  Ten minutes

Number of actors: Two 1M 1F

Ages of the actors:

Suitable for: PG 16 –  blasphemy, sex toys

Set: Simple – anywhere as long as there is an implied front door

Level of difficulty:  7/10 – a conversation so may become static.

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