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Colin is an ordinary hen-pecked husband who lives a very quiet life with his wife, Sandra. He is the type who, though likable, is looked down upon by some as a boring mundane character. He is the type who would never even think about straying beyond the boundaries of respectably. However all that drastically changes one evening when he reluctantly goes to Arthur’s Leaving Do.

They are in the Dolphin Inn, where Colin is coerced into having pints of beer. As the evening wears on he becomes interested in Pauline, an attractive woman there. Eventually she agrees to let him walk her home. None of his office friends see them leave together.

Their walk is interrupted by a car suddenly pulling up close to them – it is Johnnie, Pauline’s boyfriend – a very jealous and angry Johnnie! A row and fight develops – both Colin and Johnnie are injured.

After Pauline leaves with Johnnie in his car, a limping Colin, clutching his injured fist, makes his way to the main street. But two yobbos try to mug him – he resists, and is only saved from serious injury by the intervention of three passing men – they are in fact three of his office friends from Arthur’s leaving Do. … A passing police car arrives on the scene, and as a result an ambulance is called for and Colin is taken to hospital – one of his friends, Geoff, travels with him. … Because of Colin’s injuries it is assumed that they were caused by the yobbos

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Author: Thomas Baines

Type: Radio  plays

Genre: Drama

Cast: 14M 9F (smaller roles such as policemen may be played by either sex)

Ages of the actors: Adult, main character middle aged

Suitable for: PG 16 (language)

Length: Between 1- 1.5 hours

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – an alternative genre which can be a lot of fun to perform

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