Taken to Tusk – An off the wall comedy



Rene McBean is a cantankerous, leaden-legged, old woman who fell out with her daughter Wanda some years back, which resulted in her granddaughter Sharon staying with her nan. At that time Sharon had an imaginary friend – Trunky The Elephant – which, unbeknownst to Wanda, has evolved since, to the point where she now thinks she is Trunky, made worse by the fact that Rene’s neighbours Ethel (computer savvy busybody) and Hector (amorous lothario) come around to watch her perform. There is no TV in the house and they like nothing better than to sit down and watch Sharon perform as Trunky in this off the wall comedy.

Wanda’s raison d’etre, however, is to try and ‘cure’ Sharon so that she leaves the home and Wanda can ‘inveigle her way back in’ so that Rene’s wealth will be re-distributed, she hopes, to help her and her new boyfriend – unfunny comedian Mikey Strange – set up a Comedy Club. To help her plan along, Mikey transforms into Dr Michael Strangue, an eminent doctor in the field of ‘curing people with imaginary friends etc’, using his ‘comic skills’ to ad lib to suit the ever-evolving situation. The plan, however, fails soon after it starts as Sharon’s own raison d’etre soon surfaces, which makes everyone face up to their own existences.

Ultimately it is Rene who is made to face just what has made her the mean-spirited woman she is today and how her relationship with Wanda was coloured by her own marriage breakdown and, come the end, all three McBean women realise what has happened to their lives because of either the way men have treated them, or how their personalities have been without men around, which leaves Mikey, in a way, the chance of becoming a husband, a step-father and a son-in-law all in one fell swoop.


Sturminster Newton Amateur Dramatics Society, Dorset, United Kingdom – 2020

Other plays – Squawk by British playwright Troy Banyan.

Author: Troy Banyan

Type: One act play

Genre: Off the Wall Comedy

Cast: Six, 4F, 2M

Ages of the actors: Three older, two middle aged and one in their twenties

Length: Forty five minutes

Set: The whole play takes place in one set, the front lounge of Rene McBean, on one evening. Downstage right is a straw bedding area, behind which is a podium (on its side) and a long stick. The fireplace then runs up the right wall and on the mantelpiece are some framed photographs. Upstage Right is a hi-fi unit, under which are some jungle bongos. Along the back is a reclining lounger seat, next to which is a side table. Upstage left is the door through which all exits and entrances are made as it leads to not only the (unseen) front door but all other rooms in the house. Downstage left is a long sideboard, on which is an ornate howdah (elephant seat). Going vertical down centre right is a three- seater sofa and this is facing a cleared area in front on the bedding/fireplace. The décor is very jungle-like, with African markings on the walls, curtains etc and various artefacts dotted around the room. There is no TV in room.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – characterization

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