Twisted Lucy Fans – one act dark comedy about Lucille Ball fans



It’s 1989.  Lucille Ball, the iconic actress and star of “I Love Lucy” has just died. Italian-American (not that it matters… much) writer and prince of princes, Alex, is being interviewed for his contributions to gay culture and his work as a novelist in this dark comedy about Lucille Ball fans.  Though he’s not quite a successful author, who’s really, keenly, seriously keeping tabs on that point?

Enter (literally, into the interview) Todd,  Mike’s diva extraordinaire of a friend, who believes Mike is at most a sketchy if not at the least unreliable in his knowledge of everything gay and in particular the life and times of the gay goddess Lucille Ball. The young, straight and very handsome Kyle should be interviewing Todd instead, according to Todd. It seems, however, that all of  Alex’s associates, friends and brother Mike want in on the interview, and they take over the conversation.

Kyle bravely and patiently soldiers on through the frustrating, interesting and brutally honest telling of the nitty gritty of what, who and how a gay man exists in the world. It isn’t until a shocking scandal befalls the unsung author that Kyle realizes he just may have an exclusive on his hands. He also believes the scandal will catapult the romance novelist into a media sensation-which is guaranteed to increase the sales and interest of Alex’s novels!

Oh and then at some point when tensions could not get any higher the instigator of incest, overly-degenerate ‘degenerate’ and obvious source of ‘beastly’ desires amongst these men,  Mike,  finds a gun. Mike aims it at Alex’s newest (really new, even for him) lover Stefano. Someone gets shot… and it ain’t Stefano.

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Author: Sal Anzalone

Type:  Full length one act dark comedy

Genre: Dark comedy about Lucille Ball fans

Cast: Cast of eight 6M, 1F, 1 transgender.

Ages of the actors: All adult, Kyle should be young and well built.

Suitable for: Adults only

Length: One hour

Set: The spacious kitchen of the eccentric Rizzo household. It is Thursday, April 27, 1989—the morning after Lucille Ball’s death.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – a dark comedy with characterization being fundamental

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