Zombies in the Staffroom – Comedy play for kids aged 9 to 14

play for kids aged 9 to 14


Junk food, video games and music. Detention has never been so awesome. Or so deadly. As three students who are sent to detention find out as the zombie teacher attempts to soften their brains with sweets, video games and music in order to make them more delicious! Will the students succumb to the zombies or will they change their ways? It might very well save their lives….in more ways than one. Zombies in the Staff Room is a comedy play for kids aged 9 to 14.

It is a fun script, and students should find it enjoyable to perform – and audiences will find it fun to watch. It requires at least 7 characters, and at least 2 of them must be zombies – but there can be plenty more than that – the more zombies, the better! The language is at senior elementary level. There are two ‘adult’ roles, but older students could play these.


Gagetown School, New Brunswick, Canada – 2020


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Author: Sarah Tighe

Type: Short two-act play for senior primary school

Genre: Comedy play for kids aged 9 to 14

Cast: At least 7 characters, 2 of which are zombies, but the more zombies, the merrier!

Ages of the actors: Aged 9 – 14, senior primary, junior high

Suitable for: Senior primary and junior high school performances.

Length: Forty minutes

Set: A classroom where detention is being held

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – characterization

Read a Sample of the Script

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