Don’t Think she won’t – One act Comedy for Three Actors


In this one act comedy for 3 actors,  Carol Blanders (on her third marriage), asks her old flame David over to help with her husband’s life insurance policy. This doesn’t go down nearly as well as she thought it would with Harold, her enraged husband.

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ONE ACT comedy for three actors


In this one act comedy for three actors,  Carol Blanders (on ther third marriage and now in her 40’s), asks her college friend David to come over to help with her husband’s life insurance policy. Their exchange simmers with past memories of a night together. Harold Blanders, in turn is not too keen on his wife’s old ‘friend’ and becomes acutely suspicious of David.  But it appears his suspicions may not be altogether unfounded as Carol unburdens all the irritations of marriage to Harold onto a both willing and unwilling David.  Harold starts to bristle, convinced something is up even though he never sees anything at all. Eventually Harold loses his cool and the insults begin to fly! The power dynamic shifts throughout and leaves you questioning what is real and who really has the power. This three-person play is fast, driven, and intriguing.

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Author: George Freek

Type: One act play

Genre: One act Comedy for three actors

Cast: 2M 1F

Ages of the actors: Middle aged to older

Suitable for: Middle aged to senior actors to act and older teens up to watch

Length: 25 minute one act play

Set: Harold and Carol’s living room

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – building up comedic tension throughout the play. If not played correctly it could be over the top or too serious.

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