She’s a Pill – a ten minute dark comedy about a girl who tries to kill her mom’s boyfriend

ten minute dark comedy


It’s a cruel, cruel world when your thirteen year old daughter decides that your boyfriend is getting in the way of you and her dad getting back together. So much so that poisoning him with antifreeze is the only logical way to get rid of him. Disappointingly, he doesn’t die and is only completely blind for a few weeks. But it all works out in the end when she doesn’t get the death penalty and a cheery rap on the knuckles from the local sheriff. Silly girl, going around trying to kill people. Now her dad’s going to have to give her a stern talking to. But what does Dick a.k.a. the boyfriend, think about all of this? A ten minute dark comedy by American playwright George Freek.

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Author: George Freek

Type: Ten minute plays

Genre: Ten minute dark comedy

Cast: 3M 2F (one male can play two smaller parts)

Ages of the actors: Thirteen and adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch but teens up to perform

Length: Ten minutes

Set: The Goodwillow home. There is an entrance door rear center. A sofa center stage, and chair to the left. A flute lies on the chair.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – a dark comedy or satire. Getting the inflections and humour right.

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