A Smart-Alec and Two Idiots Walk into a Closet – comedy SCRIPT for students

comedy script for students


In A Smart-Alec and Two Idiots Walk into a Closet, a comedy, Connie, Lewis and Shawn find themselves locked in the school janitor’s closet and it ain’t The Chronicles of Narnia, man. Before Connie and Lewis freak out anymore, Shawn takes matters into his own hands and sprays them with some bleach, to get them to ‘’cool down’’. In one act, things go from bad to mildly worse when Lewis faints (or pretends to?) after he finds out what he was sprayed with. Connie tries to save him, a kiss doesn’t happen, they all almost die, hope is lost then found again and as they keep waiting for someone to unlock the door, they realise that freedom isn’t really free at all.

In a closet, the possibilities are endless….


Lake Forest High School, IL, USA – 2020
Del Norte High School, CA, 2022
Bosque School, NM, USA – 2022


Author: Sarah Tarrant

Type: Ten minute play scripts

Genre: Comedy script for students

Length: Ten minutes

Cast: 3M, 1F

Ages of the actors: Teens or young adults. An adult has one line

Suitable for: All ages to watch and kids and teens up to perform

Set: A very large version of an average janitor closet. Stage-left is a large mop-and-yellow-bucket. Stage-right is a shelf full of paper towels, toilet paper, and cleaning detergents. Up-stage center is the door.

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – fun easy characters for the students to play

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