Two cousins and a pizza – ten minute American play

ten minute American play


In ”Two Cousins and a Pizza” Mikey’s in town from Chicago and for Johnny, it’s just like old times. There’s nothin’ like grabbing a good, old fashioned New York City pizza and for the cousins, there’s no question that Chi-town don’t cut it in this regard. New York City pizzas are in a league of their own and that’s a fact that even a non-native would understand well. From the texture of the dough (thanks to the city’s water) to the 45cm diameter slice; it’s authentic, it’s simple and it’s New York, baby!

So when Johnny’s cousin starts tucking into his slice with knife and fork in hand, it’s not a problem, it’s a catastrophe! How dare he? In this ten minute American play, Johnny attempts to rehabilitate Mikey so that he can snap out of it and use his God-given hands to enjoy a meal meant to be relished the only way it can (according to Johnny).

If you take the boy outta New York, well maybe then…. he shouldn’t come back.

Author: Anthony J. Piccione

Type: Ten minute American plays

Genre: Comedy

Cast: 2M

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: Adults – odd swearword

Length: Ten Minutes

Set: A pizza joint in New York City. There is a large pizza pie on the table.

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – short easy play – getting the characters and accents right

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