Riding a Peacock – African American Family Drama

African American drama script


RIDING A PEACOCK is a play about life as it affects two young successful African/American families. One family rises from the “Ghetto,” and the other comes out of the Black elite. The play’s focus is upon an aspiring writer named Joyce Withers. Joyce yearns to make a full time living as a writer, but struggles with how to become one. Her first novel, written when she was a young woman, was aptly entitled, “Riding a Peacock,” signifying a journey to freedom on a bird’s back.  For Joyce, writing means freedom and a chance to truly be herself. This play is the journey of how she accomplishes that and how her family grows.  As much as it is powerful with interpretations of life, RIDING A PEACOCK is packed with incredibly lively characters and humor. A contemporary African American drama script.

Author: Viney Loretta Moore

Genre: African American Drama Script

Type: One Act Play

Length:  Fifty minutes, 50 minutes

Number of  actors: Seven, 7,  4F, 3M

Ages of actors: Twenties to Fifties

Level of Difficulty:  6/10 – characters each tell their stories.

Set:  Two sets – one is a nice suburban home outdoors and the other is a corporate office.

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