A Man’s Home – One Act American drama script

one act American drama script


In this one act American drama script, Frankie arrives to visit her parents in their Chicago home, bringing her partner, Claudette with her to introduce her to them. The family home has been put on the market and Frank and his wife Miriam are considering moving. Frank is a traditionalist and very set in his ways. The computer his daughter gave him is still in its box in the garage. The microwave is only used when he’s not in the house. He can’t even admit that Claudette is anything other than his daughter’s room mate. He’s also a controlling perfectionist – everything must have its place and be perfect.

To an extent, Miriam protects him from the world and lets him have his way, because his motivations are good – he wants the very best for his family, even though he tends to bulldoze his way through everyone to get it. When a family tragedy occurs, Frank is forced to confront who he is in order to come to terms with what has happened and learn to reach out to other people in his life.

Author: Donna Hopkins

Genre: American drama script

Type: One act play

Cast: 3M, 4F

Ages of the actors: Two in their early thirties, four in their 50’s-60’s and one middle aged to older.

Length: Thirty to thirty five minutes

Set: A 1940’s bungalow on the south side of Chicago with a For Sale sign visible

Left side – Frank’s workshop in the garage, shiny tools hung in orderly rows on a blindingly bright, white-washed pegboard,
an immaculate, spotless floor. In one corner a large object covered in bubble-wrap and a boxed computer. On the workbench a red vise.

Right side
An unintentionally retro kitchen, with a wooden
kitchen table and four chairs, a coffeepot

A screen door leads to the garden out back
Far right – Frank and Miriam’s bedroom

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – set may need to be adjusted or minimized for smaller stages

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