Maya from Madurai – one act drama about drugs

drama about drugs


Maya was a dealer. A drug dealer. He grew up in Madurai under the tutelage of hippie-type parents. They loved him. They still do and he does too. He saw them smoke it once and only once. That’s all it takes. That’s all it ever really takes. One go, one take in one act. They were smoking. Cannabis. He’d seen them that one time but they seemed to be accustomed to it. Cannabis, that is. It became Maya’s bread and butter. He lived for it and would surely die for it too. This is Maya and this drama is his story. From one puff to a life wasted in this short one act drama about drugs.

Maya from Madurai is an Indian play written by Naren Weiss. The play explores the life and death of a drug dealer, and marked the directorial debut of actress Pooja Devariya. It premiered at the 2013 edition of the Short and Sweet Festival in Chennai, India; where it won the Play of the Day award. Three days before script submission, director Devariya called former classmate Weiss and asked him to write something, describing what she had in mind.

The play subsequently toured the country as a part of The Park’s New Festival in 2013. South Indian theatre troupe Stray Factory took the one act play to six Indian cities, with four other short plays.The original production starred Venkatesh Harinathan, who also translated the play.

Author: Naren Weiss

Type: Ten minute plays, Indian plays

Genre: Drama about drugs

Cast: 2M

Ages of the actors: Adult but could be played by teens

Suitable for: Teens up to watch and perform

Length: Ten minutes

Set: There are four blocks set up to form two benches parallel to each other. They face the wings so that the audience can see the space between the two benches. They remain in this position for the entire duration of the play.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – the players should be adept storytellers

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