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play scripts about abuse


A mother reads a bed time story to her child as a metaphor for her ultimate action. The story and videography reveal a life torn apart by domestic violence and the difficult choices women in these situations face. It’s a disturbing script as it rings true – would you, as an abused woman, leave your child behind in order to save your life?


University of the Fraser Valley – Theatre Department, BC, Canada – 2018

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Author: Revelly Robinson

Genre: Family drama, play scripts about abuse

Type: One act play, ten minute drama script

Length: 10 minutes

Cast: 1F, 1 child, 1M voice offstage

Ages of the actors: F young, Child age 6

Suitable for: Adults if videography is used to depict abuse

Set: A child’s bedroom, ostentatiously adorned with plush toys, mobile hangings, posters and all sorts of brightly coloured manner of toys. In the centre of the room is the bed upon which the characters sit. A rotating lamp on a bedside table next to the bed throws contrasting light and shadow across the scene.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – it is, in essence a solo performance by the actress, juxtaposed on a simple children’s story and a set of disturbing images. A good festival piece.

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