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Two Brothers – a two hander one act play

two hander one act play

Two Brothers – a two hander one act play

Two Brothers – a two hander one act play is a drama about two brothers, Gary and  Jeremy, and the responsibility of caring for their aging mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease. Although she hardly knows them, they feel that they have a responsibility to care for her, but on the other hand,  there is also a need to move on with their own lives.  There is a feeling of being trapped in their situation.

When Jeremy decides to break free from their situation and move to Las Vegas with his wife, Gary feels that Jeremy is abandoning their mother and also leaving him with most of the responsibility.

Author Morley Shulman tackles this delicate situation that is so well known to many families by diving straight into the subject!  This is a character driven short two hander one act play that should be simple to perform in a one act play festival, for example.

Morley Shulman is the author of the award winning play, Naked, that took top spots at the both Franklin players festival of one act plays and the EADS festival of one act plays in 2012.

Production History:

Alabama State University, Montgomery, Alabama, USA – 2016
West Des Moines Valley High School, IA, USA – 2022


Author: Morley Shulman

Type: One act  festival play

Genre: Drama

Length: 15 minutes

Ages of actors:  20s-40s.

Cast: 2M, two men, two male actors

Set: Simple – a living room

Suitable for:  PG 12 – language

Level of difficulty: 7/10 –  the play starts on a medium to high level of emotion and then increases further before dipping to a conclusion. Maintaining the focus and energy.

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