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Shady Ladies – situational comedy script



Jim and Jerry are best buddies. Jim’s a once successful Sitcom writer and Jerry, a Los Angeles Special Forces Police Lieutenant assigned to combat the evils of prostitution which causes him to suffer “anxiety attacks” from the stress in this situational comedy script. The cure? Watching a major sports event on TV with his buddy and a six pack.

Unfortunately for the comedy writer, his buddy could not have chosen a worse time to arrive on his doorstep.  The writer is (he hopes) expecting a very attractive young lady he met on a limo coming in from the airport, who is also a writer and hoping to work her way into script writing.  He extended the invitation to her (presumably) to help her “break into the business”.

Luckily she doesn’t arrive until after Jerry leaves and turns out to be a beautiful, but innocent young woman. They get to chatting about life, Jerry and his little “problem”.  The writer admits that he hasn’t worked in some time due to writer’s block as he’s waiting for the inspiration for a new series. The woman suggests to Jim that a sit com based on his friend’s profession busting prostitution rings in L.A., could be hilarious.

The two friends take the idea on board and soon the series is written and they see themselves on the road to riches and fame. Inflated by his success, Jim shares the script with his young protege, as a lesson in professional script writing, only to find that she vanishes, along with his script.

But who exactly was she and have they been duped all along?

Other farcical comedies by playwright Jean Blasiar – Sticky – a cheating husband gets caught out!

Author: Jean Blasiar

Type: Two-act play

Genre: Comedy

Cast: 4M, 3F

Ages of the actors: All adult

Suitable for: PG 12 – mentions of call girls and their activities

Set: The upscale two bedroom home of Jim Balsac, once successful television scriptwriter; living room complete with bar, sofa (facing audience; back to front door of apartment), comfortable chairs (facing each other), stereo, liquor cabinet, sculptures, arty type cocktail table, lamp and end tables; round table with laptop and two straight back chairs, upstage left; modern art on every wall, large window with view back stage center; one bedroom and bath stage left with door, other bedroom and bath stage right through an archway and hall.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – farcical paranoia

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Cost is $6.50 for this play with a staged reading

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Tune In – Two act comedy about a television station


two act comedyWhen Danton Stanton ‘accidentally’ kills oil tycoon Mr. Paramount, he alters his will and inherits Mr Paramount’s long neglected TV station, also ‘by accident.’ Danton decides to make the best of things and together with his best friend Walton Harley they team up with a bunch of misfits who between them, have had SOME previous television experience.  These include the elderly Beverly Kraft, recently fired from her job at the community college, and Fred Feltbetter, an ageing has-been who fell far from grace in his previous job at the local rival TV network, and who now moonlights as Liza Justice, a cabaret singer.  Between the four of them, they come up with a plan to rescue the failed TV station and best the evil rival network.


The entirety from opening to last period of this play is dedicated to my best friend of more years than I can count, William Harris, one of the most ingenious people I know, who was instrumental in co-crafting every one of the characters in this show and remain largely unchanged from their original conjuring. Below is an excerpt from their debut concept novella, now hidden on an external hard drive, never to be seen by eyes other than our own, featuring the scene in which the cast of characters prepare to walk through a haunted house attraction, an experience not unlike writing this concept stageplay:

“Now listen here, Comrades,” said Mr. Feltbetter. “This is gonna’ be really scary. So, if you need a hand to hold or a shoulder to scream into, you can just come right on over to me. I’ll be happy to help you though this!” Walton and Danton stood up and began to exit the RV, closely followed by Mr. Feltbetter and Beverly. As they crossed the parking lot, they were enveloped by the scent of cheap rubber masks and what smelled like a large supply of Dark and Gorgeous hair product.” –

I sincerely hope that this play can gift to you the laughter and joy that our friendship has provided over the years. It was a true joy to be able to bring a teenage dream to life. Anything can happen. A gospel singer could emerge from your closet, sing the hallelujah chorus, and then return to the shadows of your moth-eaten, forgotten sweaters and disappear. Never discount what seems unlikely.”

Timothy D. Starnes

Other comedies by Timothy Starnes. Read about playwright Timothy Starnes

Author: Timothy Starnes

Genre: Two act comedy for a large cast

Type: Two act play

Cast: 11 main parts (at least 5M 1F rest written as M but could be played by either gender and up to 25 parts in total, many of which can be doubled.

Ages of the actors: Twenties to eighties

Suitable for: All ages

Length:  100 minutes  (1.5-2 hours)

Set: Various – a courtroom, a dilapidated office, the outside of a warehouse

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – this script gets its humour from characterization of the parts.

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Cost is $5 for the digital play script

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Try Psychology – melodramatic comedy in two acts

melodramatic comedy in two acts


It’s The “Castle’ Inn, a once elegant inn in a rustic setting, now a room and board establishment presided over by the buxom Margery and now unfortunately, badly in debt.

Margery’s famous cooking is doing its part in keeping the paying clientele away, and today, only one guest is reluctantly eating his way through the aforementioned cooking. He’s called Stanley and he’s got his fingers in more than one pie. He was previously engaged to the Maid at “The Castle Inn,” Lola, who has unceremoniously dumped him for his many flirtations, which include an aspiring actress, Rhoda, who he promised to put on stage (but now he unfortunately can’t because he has run out of money) and the buxom Margery (without her knowledge he has purchased the Castle Inn – hence his lack of money).

Margery and Percy’s marriage is on the rocks, as he has tolerated her cooking long enough. Today Percy’s leaving her to run his hot-dog stand in peace.

Author:  George Freek

Genre: Melodramatic comedy

Type: Two-act play

Cast: Seven actors, 4M 3F

Ages of the actors: Adult  – Twenties to Fifties

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Ninety minutes

Set:  The All-purpose room of ‘The Castle’ Inn. At the right is a dining table and
door to the kitchen. An entrance door is center, rear. At left, down, is a piano
up from it doors, presumably to rooms. There is a sofa by the piano.

Level of Difficulty:  8/10 – achieving the mix of melodrama, dry wit and slapstick that is this lovely piece, er, without going overboard.

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Cost is $5.50 for this digital play script

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God Help Us – Dark religious comedy scripts



It turns out Nietzsche was wrong: god isn’t dead; he’s just been tied up at a meeting – a cosmically long meeting – at the Galactic Council. Now’s he’s back and bucking harder than ever to George-Jefferson his way out of his middle-manager post in a third-rate galaxy. As god works to polish his Milky-Way resume, one nasty, black smear threatens to doom his ladder-climbing plans: the atrocities perpetrated by the inhabitants of third planet from its sun in a rinky-dink solar system – all with his supposed seal of approval.

As god speeds through Earth’s CliffsNotes from his two-thousand year absence, he decides this planetary stain on his cosmic ledger cannot stand. His solution is simple: eliminate the problem by erasing Earth from his bottom line altogether. One snag in his divine business plan is the obscure DaVinci Clause which states god cannot wipe Earth from his spreadsheet until every inhabitant renounces their faith in him. So, he sets out to disabuse his fans of the myth of his benevolent nature – with extreme prejudice.

“God Help Us” recently received a two-performance staged reading at Fierce Backbone theater in Los Angeles and was also selected as the featured play by the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights for its New Works Lab (Eclectic Company Theater). This “DOGMA” styled religious dark comedy may be offensive to sensitive readers.

Read more about playwright Jeremy Kehoe

Author: Jeremy Kehoe

Genre: Comedy, dark religious comedy scripts

Type: Two Act Comedy

Number of Actors: Eight, Five onstage, 3 offstage, 4M 1 F onstage, rest N.

Ages of the actors: F older, young M and the rest fit the cliches of god, Jesus and St. Peter.

Suitable for: PG 14 – blasphemy, language

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – playing characters convincingly

Set: Act 1: A WHITE STAGE doused in a bright, but soft, WHITE LIGHT. A CNN-style PRAYER TICKER scrolls across the back wall. Interspersed among the scrolling prayers are requests for God’s help resolving larger issues – bringing peace to Middle East, ending hunger, etc. – but most are requests for personal favors. There is a small LAPTOP on top of a WHITE DESK; two WHITE CHAIRS sit perpendicular to the audience.

Act 2:  INTERIOR of the FERGUSON home. The space is plain: a sagging leather COUCH, a yard-sale T.V. STAND, and wobbly BOOKSHELF fill one space. On the wall above the BOOKSHELF is a framed PORTRAIT OF JESUS. On top of the BOOKSHELF are a group of lit TEA CANDLES. A small KITCHEN TABLE and two CHAIRS occupy the rest of the stage.

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pay now shakespeare

Cost is $8.00 for this digital play script. Just Click Shakespeare!

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Clown Car – a Whodunit play script in two acts

whodunit comedy script
Suffer Fools Gladly, Stetson University, 2009, Photos courtesy of Ken McCoy, Ph.D.

comedy about clowns
Suffer Fools Gladly, Stetson University, 2009, Photos courtesy of Ken McCoy, Ph.D.

CLOWN CAR – A Whodunit play script in two acts

In this whodunit play script, dozens of circus clowns pile out of a car. One doesn’t. Thus begins the new murder mystery comedy by Mark Aloysius Kenneally. Artie and Nick are two detectives who thought they had seen it all. But they find out that when you’re interrogating suspects like Chuckles, Pozo, and Backwards Bobo… clowns can turn out to not only make you laugh, but also… drive you crazy. Who killed Bubbles? And why? Join Artie, Nick and Doctor Amy Harris-Talmun, the police psychiatrist, as they try desperately to solve the most bizarre, challenging, surprising and humorous murder mystery they’ve ever investigated.

CLOWN CAR, under the previous title, SUFFER FOOLS GLADLY, received its first staged reading at The Players Theatre in in Sarasota, FL. July, 2007. Then had a staged reading at Ten Grand and a Burger in New York City, September, 2007. It had a staged reading at the DeLand Theatre Festival, DeLand, FL in January, 2008 and another Staged Reading in Midland, TX in August, 2009 (It was a finalist in the 2009 McClaren International Comedy Playwriting Contest). SUFFER FOOLS GLADLY received its World Premiere Production at Stetson University, DeLand, FL in September, 2009.


Further Production History:

Liberty Lake Community Theatre – WA, USA – 2016
Okaw Valley High School, IL, USA – 2017
Oakbrook Preparatory school – SC, USA – 2018
Starlighters II Theater, IA, USA – 2018
Little River School, KS, USA – 2019
Lake Air Montessori, TX, USA – 2021
Circle Theatre of Barnwell, SC, 2022
Pennwest Edinboro University, Alpha Psi Omega Gamma Kappa, PA, USA – 2023


Author: Mark Aloysius Kenneally

Genre: Crime,Whodunit, Comedy

Type: Two act play

Number of Actors:  4M, 5F.
The roles of the clowns have been written with the intention that they all be played by one Actor and one Actress with minimal costume and wig changes to heighten the confusion and frustration as it builds throughout the play. However, it is recognized that individual producers, such as school and community theatre groups may wish to expand the cast size by having these roles be played by different actors and actresses, or have some of the roles played by actresses rather than actors or vice versa. This decision is entirely permitted by the author and is left up to the individual producers.

Ages of actors: One policeman in his thirties, and one male and female character each in their thirties. The clowns can be of any age.

Set:  Various different rooms at a police station in any “small town U.S.A.” and at the big top circus. The sets should be suggested with as simple set pieces as possible. Many of the locales can simply be suggested with lighting changes and/or with as little as a table and a few chairs as set pieces.
Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – especially if the same actor is playing multiple roles

The author will allow workshopping of the script.  Read more about playwright Mark aloysius Kenneally.

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Cost is $11 for this finalist best selling digital play script

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Jack Masterson and the case of absurdity – a whodunit comedy farce in 2 acts
Ralph – a bizarre monty python who killed the parrot whodunit
The mysterious death of Christine Wilde – a period piece drama murder mystery
What’s on your mind – a comedy of the absurd(and the loony bin)

Nuns – a two-act satire about rebellious nuns running riot

two act comedy



Bongs, chain smoking, liquor, sex tapes, blackmail, and a desire to change the system. No, it’s not college, it’s a convent! Three corrupt nuns use blackmail and foul play in an effort to change the patriarchy to which they have devoted their lives. With the use of an illicit sex tape starring none other than Mother Superior herself, the kinked chain of events begins to unfold. When you deal with the devil, be prepared to get burnt.

Nuns is a two-act satire about three rebellious  Nuns and how they   plot to overthrow the mother superior in order to establish smoking rights for themselves.  The youngest, Sister Bernadette is being seduced into the cause by  Sister Catharine and Sister Roza during one of their secret smoking  sessions. They have a secret that they believe will bring the Mother  superior to her knees.

A ten minute version of Nuns was first done as a performance reading for Crash Test Drama 2009. After winning it’s initial round it went on the finals and came forth. Nuns(10 minute version) was submitted to Short and Sweet 2010 and was listed in the Top 100 plays. Celia Kelly won best newcomer award for her roles in Pride and Prejudice in 10 minutes and her role as Sister Bernadette in Nuns. The full length version was presented as a Performance reading at the Thesbos theatre in Canada and as a full production by The Gorilla Tango Theatre company in Chicago from July 7th till July 28th 2010.


Independent Actors, London, United Kingdom – 2018
The Vineyard Cafe and Dinner Theatre, GA, USA – 2018

The author will allow some workshopping of the play, but if there are radical changes to the play we/he need to be contacted. Read about playwright Robert Luxford

two-act comedy play

Author:  Robert Luxford

Genre: Satirical Comedy

Type: 2 two act play

Length: 80 eighty minutes

Number of Actors:  4F four women

Ages of Actors: 1 20s, 2 30s, 1 50s

Suitable for:  PG 12

Set: Minimal – a bare stage. At the director’s discretion

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – this play relies on it’s witty lines and how they are delivered

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $10 for this award winning play that has enjoyed two successful runs

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