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Tune In – Two act comedy about a television station


two act comedyWhen Danton Stanton ‘accidentally’ kills oil tycoon Mr. Paramount, he alters his will and inherits Mr Paramount’s long neglected TV station, also ‘by accident.’ Danton decides to make the best of things and together with his best friend Walton Harley they team up with a bunch of misfits who between them, have had SOME previous television experience.  These include the elderly Beverly Kraft, recently fired from her job at the community college, and Fred Feltbetter, an ageing has-been who fell far from grace in his previous job at the local rival TV network, and who now moonlights as Liza Justice, a cabaret singer.  Between the four of them, they come up with a plan to rescue the failed TV station and best the evil rival network.


The entirety from opening to last period of this play is dedicated to my best friend of more years than I can count, William Harris, one of the most ingenious people I know, who was instrumental in co-crafting every one of the characters in this show and remain largely unchanged from their original conjuring. Below is an excerpt from their debut concept novella, now hidden on an external hard drive, never to be seen by eyes other than our own, featuring the scene in which the cast of characters prepare to walk through a haunted house attraction, an experience not unlike writing this concept stageplay:

“Now listen here, Comrades,” said Mr. Feltbetter. “This is gonna’ be really scary. So, if you need a hand to hold or a shoulder to scream into, you can just come right on over to me. I’ll be happy to help you though this!” Walton and Danton stood up and began to exit the RV, closely followed by Mr. Feltbetter and Beverly. As they crossed the parking lot, they were enveloped by the scent of cheap rubber masks and what smelled like a large supply of Dark and Gorgeous hair product.” –

I sincerely hope that this play can gift to you the laughter and joy that our friendship has provided over the years. It was a true joy to be able to bring a teenage dream to life. Anything can happen. A gospel singer could emerge from your closet, sing the hallelujah chorus, and then return to the shadows of your moth-eaten, forgotten sweaters and disappear. Never discount what seems unlikely.”

Timothy D. Starnes

Other comedies by Timothy Starnes. Read about playwright Timothy Starnes

Author: Timothy Starnes

Genre: Two act comedy for a large cast

Type: Two act play

Cast: 11 main parts (at least 5M 1F rest written as M but could be played by either gender and up to 25 parts in total, many of which can be doubled.

Ages of the actors: Twenties to eighties

Suitable for: All ages

Length:  100 minutes  (1.5-2 hours)

Set: Various – a courtroom, a dilapidated office, the outside of a warehouse

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – this script gets its humour from characterization of the parts.

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Copyright © October 2014 Timothy Starnes and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Lofty Larceny – Hysterical two act comedy


 two act french farce


In this two act French style farce, set in a luxury sky rise apartment, Tom Flores, the wealthy industrialist (whose knitting needle business has gone down the toilet) is planning a magnificent heist to save his failing business – stealing his own wife’s jewels. Luckily his wife is too busy contemplating somebody else’s jewels (Yves, Tom’s private secretary’s) to notice. Tom decides to hire a bumbling actor, Greg Hasbine to play the part of a window cleaner/jewel thief to steal the jewels. Little do they know that Greg isn’t going to be the only jewel thief planning to clean them out that day…

Production History

Westhill High School, CT, USA – 2016

Have a look at a recent high school performance of the play.

Lofty Larceny was originally written in French as ‘Haut Vol’ and has been successfully staged both in Canada and Switzerland. The poster is available for use as promotional material. 

Read more about playwright Bruno Lacroix.

Author: Bruno Lacroix

Genre: French farce

Type: Two act French style farce

Cast: 11 actors, 8M, 3F

Ages of the actors: Twenties to middle aged

Length: Two hours

Suitable for: All ages

Set: The play is set in a penthouse on Boston’s waterfront. A private elevator gives access to it. On the left side of the set, there is the master bedroom’s door. In the left corner, is the private elevator. Most of the back wall is a panoramic window from which we see a part of the river Charles and the city. There is a french door that gives access to a balcony that all will assume to cover most of the set. To the right, there are two doors. The one closest to the balcony is the guest room and there is the kitchen’s door near the front stage. Between the elevator’s doors and the master’s bedroom there is a small table. Between the guest’s bedroom and the kitchen’s door there is a chair. In the centre of the stage there is a modular sofa without arms or back, So anyone can sit on it or lie down in different ways. A very large luxurious throw is folded on the sofa. In the right corner there is a real gigantic plant, just so that someone can hide behind it.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – classic French farce that relies heavily on characterization and doors. Properly performed, it will be hysterically funny.

To get more information on producing this play please see our licensing page 

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Cost is $8 for this well known stage play

French style farce
French farce
hysterical two act comedy

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Copyright ©October 2014 Bruno Lacroix and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Cancelled – award winning one act farce

Cancelled - off the wall plays one act farce

In this one act farce, set in a studio in a radio station in the 1940’s, the cast of a popular radio show are held hostage by one of the show’s sponsors, Monty Navoli, who is furious that the show has been cancelled, and who also, unfortunately, appears to be a member of the mob.  When it is discovered that the producer of the show, Walter St. Paul, has taken Monty Navoli’s money and spent it himself, Monty threatens to shoot him unless the show goes on air one last time. It all falls hilariously apart as the actors struggle to produce a whole show with only a few pages of script, no sound man and a gun pointed at their heads.

The play was selected as a finalist in Riant Theatre’s 2008 Strawberry One-Act Festival, and placed second in the Little Theatre of Alexandria’s 2009 one-act playwriting competition.

Performance history:

Meadville Community Theatre – 2015
Great River School, MN, USA – 2017
Iver Heath Drama Club, Buckinghamshire, UK – 2018
The Fenn School, MA, USA – 2019
Moruya Red Door Theatre Company Inc, NSW, Australia – 2019
Mississippi School for Mathematics & Science – MS, USA – 2019
Buck’s Rock Camp, CT, USA – 2019
IMCOM G9 Army Entertainment, Bavaria US Army Base – 2019
Salterton Drama Club, Exeter, United Kingdom – 2020
Bow Valley High School, Alberta, Canada – 2020
St Francis de Sales College, SA, Australia – 2020
Pulaski County High School Drama Club, KY – USA – 2021
Diva Las Vegas & Company, NV, USA – 2022
Rightway Club, WI, USA – 2022
Plymouth Congregational Church, KS, USA – 2022
Port Huron Civic Theatre. MI, USA – 2022
Rocky Hill Country Day School, RI, USA – 2023
Sherborne School, Dorset – United Kingdom – 2023

Author: M. Robert Grunwald

Genre: Comedy, farce

Type: One act farce

Length:  Fifty minutes 50 min

Suitable for: All ages

Number of actors:  Eleven actors and 4 non speaking policemen. 9M 2F as the main characters

Ages of the actors:  Various – twenties to seventies, 20s-70s

Level of Difficulty:  6/10 – acting one part in real life and another ‘on the air’

Set: The Los Angeles studio of a radio show, 1940. Six microphones stand at front stage right, a sound effects station is at stage left. The walls are soundproofed appropriately, and an ON-AIR light hangs above a door at the back of the studio. There is a long table at the back.

The author states that the play should be produced unaltered.  Read more about playwright M. Robert Grunwald

Read a Sample of the Script

pay now shakespeare

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pay now shakespeare

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Copyright 2008 M. Robert Grunwald  Off The Wall Plays

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