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The Mayhem Motel – Two Act American Farce

American farce


It’s not destined to be Hector’s day. He’s just been told by his doctor that he has a kidney stone, which he urgently needs to pass. In order to do that, Hector needs to relax as much as possible. Peace and quiet. Check.

But what could be more relaxing than a day spent behind the desk of a quiet country motel? A local hick checks in, complete with his hunting rifle and a couple of dead squirrels. So far, so good. Then, when you add the arrival of a famous baseball player, followed closely by two rather demanding female fans of his, whose life ambition is to sleep with the aforementioned baseball player, his doppelganger (who no one else knows about,) whose life ambition is to sleep with the fans of the famous baseball player, and then the very high maintenance wife of the baseball player, you have a recipe for disaster.

And no kidney stone. To find out if it gets passed, read on…..


Knights of Columbus, ON, Canada – 2020


Author: Landen Swain

Genre: American farce

Type: Short two-act play

Cast: 3M 3F and 1N

Ages of the actors: Adult actors

Suitable for: PG 10

Length: 60 minutes

Set:The lobby of the Jericho Motel. Room one is on the DR position of the stage SR wall, room two is U.R. on the same wall. On the upstage wall, room three is URC, the main entrance UC, and stairs leading up are ULC. On the SL wall is a wooden manager’s desk which takes up almost all of the wall, a door to the manager’s room is DL, it has a sign on the door that says manager’s room. Behind the manager’s wall is a wall of keys with the numbers one through five above the keys. Each room door has the number of what room it is. An armchair, paintings, a chandelier. A coat rack is behind the desk, a cash register, a telephone and a bell are on the desk.

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – one of the less complicated farce scripts.

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 two act french farce


In this two act French style farce, set in a luxury sky rise apartment, Tom Flores, the wealthy industrialist (whose knitting needle business has gone down the toilet) is planning a magnificent heist to save his failing business – stealing his own wife’s jewels. Luckily his wife is too busy contemplating somebody else’s jewels (Yves, Tom’s private secretary’s) to notice. Tom decides to hire a bumbling actor, Greg Hasbine to play the part of a window cleaner/jewel thief to steal the jewels. Little do they know that Greg isn’t going to be the only jewel thief planning to clean them out that day…

Production History

Westhill High School, CT, USA – 2016

Have a look at a recent high school performance of the play.

Lofty Larceny was originally written in French as ‘Haut Vol’ and has been successfully staged both in Canada and Switzerland. The poster is available for use as promotional material. 

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Author: Bruno Lacroix

Genre: French farce

Type: Two act French style farce

Cast: 11 actors, 8M, 3F

Ages of the actors: Twenties to middle aged

Length: Two hours

Suitable for: All ages

Set: The play is set in a penthouse on Boston’s waterfront. A private elevator gives access to it. On the left side of the set, there is the master bedroom’s door. In the left corner, is the private elevator. Most of the back wall is a panoramic window from which we see a part of the river Charles and the city. There is a french door that gives access to a balcony that all will assume to cover most of the set. To the right, there are two doors. The one closest to the balcony is the guest room and there is the kitchen’s door near the front stage. Between the elevator’s doors and the master’s bedroom there is a small table. Between the guest’s bedroom and the kitchen’s door there is a chair. In the centre of the stage there is a modular sofa without arms or back, So anyone can sit on it or lie down in different ways. A very large luxurious throw is folded on the sofa. In the right corner there is a real gigantic plant, just so that someone can hide behind it.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – classic French farce that relies heavily on characterization and doors. Properly performed, it will be hysterically funny.

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Read a Sample of the Script

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French style farce
French farce
hysterical two act comedy

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