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Nuns – a two-act satire about rebellious nuns running riot

two act comedy



Bongs, chain smoking, liquor, sex tapes, blackmail, and a desire to change the system. No, it’s not college, it’s a convent! Three corrupt nuns use blackmail and foul play in an effort to change the patriarchy to which they have devoted their lives. With the use of an illicit sex tape starring none other than Mother Superior herself, the kinked chain of events begins to unfold. When you deal with the devil, be prepared to get burnt.

Nuns is a two-act satire about three rebellious  Nuns and how they   plot to overthrow the mother superior in order to establish smoking rights for themselves.  The youngest, Sister Bernadette is being seduced into the cause by  Sister Catharine and Sister Roza during one of their secret smoking  sessions. They have a secret that they believe will bring the Mother  superior to her knees.

A ten minute version of Nuns was first done as a performance reading for Crash Test Drama 2009. After winning it’s initial round it went on the finals and came forth. Nuns(10 minute version) was submitted to Short and Sweet 2010 and was listed in the Top 100 plays. Celia Kelly won best newcomer award for her roles in Pride and Prejudice in 10 minutes and her role as Sister Bernadette in Nuns. The full length version was presented as a Performance reading at the Thesbos theatre in Canada and as a full production by The Gorilla Tango Theatre company in Chicago from July 7th till July 28th 2010.


Independent Actors, London, United Kingdom – 2018
The Vineyard Cafe and Dinner Theatre, GA, USA – 2018

The author will allow some workshopping of the play, but if there are radical changes to the play we/he need to be contacted. Read about playwright Robert Luxford

two-act comedy play

Author:  Robert Luxford

Genre: Satirical Comedy

Type: 2 two act play

Length: 80 eighty minutes

Number of Actors:  4F four women

Ages of Actors: 1 20s, 2 30s, 1 50s

Suitable for:  PG 12

Set: Minimal – a bare stage. At the director’s discretion

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – this play relies on it’s witty lines and how they are delivered

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $10 for this award winning play that has enjoyed two successful runs

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