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Death’s no laughing matter – two act comedy plays



Death’s No Laughing Matter – Two Act Comedy Plays

Susan Denton’s movie career has ground to an abrupt halt when she finds out that she has been taken out of her latest movie entirely, to be replaced by a new girl, Kim, with very little experience. This makes her head ache even more than it has been over the past few days. Her day goes from bad to worse when she is confronted by a stranger in her apartment. He apparently broke through the window to get in, but also happens to be Azrael, the angel of death, coming to take Susan. (It turns out that her headache was more serious than she thought) But Susan isn’t ready to go and she’ll do anything to buy more time….

Author: Tony Broadwick

Genre: Comedy, dark comedy, two act comedy plays

Type: Two act comedy plays

Cast: 7 5M 2F

Ages of the actors: Adult – the two F are 20’s-30’s and the men are 20’s to 50’s

Length: Two hours

Suitable for: All ages

Set: SUSAN DENTON’s living room. The furniture, the decor, rugs, and lamps are contemporary. Walls and curtains are in pastel colors. With the exception of a dozen bright red roses in a light gray vase, everything in the room is in dull, non-reflective colors. Large, framed, black-and-white, pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, and James Dean hang on the walls.
There is a well-stocked bar on stage left. A door on stage right leads to the front door. The back wall has a large window that offers the view of the city from the fourth or fifth floor. There are two doors, one on each side of the window. The door on the left leads to Susan’s bedroom. The door on the right goes to the front door. There is a small window by the side of the bar. A door to the left of the bar opens to a guest bathroom.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – sharp dialogue

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God Help Us – Dark religious comedy scripts

religious comedy scripts


It turns out Nietzsche was wrong: god isn’t dead; he’s just been tied up at a meeting – a cosmically long meeting – at the Galactic Council. Now’s he’s back and bucking harder than ever to George-Jefferson his way out of his middle-manager post in a third-rate galaxy. As god works to polish his Milky-Way resume, one nasty, black smear threatens to doom his ladder-climbing plans: the atrocities perpetrated by the inhabitants of third planet from its sun in a rinky-dink solar system – all with his supposed seal of approval.

As god speeds through Earth’s CliffsNotes from his two-thousand year absence, he decides this planetary stain on his cosmic ledger cannot stand. His solution is simple: eliminate the problem by erasing Earth from his bottom line altogether. One snag in his divine business plan is the obscure DaVinci Clause which states god cannot wipe Earth from his spreadsheet until every inhabitant renounces their faith in him. So, he sets out to disabuse his fans of the myth of his benevolent nature – with extreme prejudice.

“God Help Us” recently received a two-performance staged reading at Fierce Backbone theater in Los Angeles and was also selected as the featured play by the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights for its New Works Lab (Eclectic Company Theater). This “DOGMA” styled religious dark comedy may be offensive to sensitive readers.

Read more about playwright Jeremy Kehoe

Author: Jeremy Kehoe

Genre: Comedy, dark religious comedy scripts

Type: Two Act Comedy

Number of Actors: Eight, Five onstage, 3 offstage, 4M 1 F onstage, rest N.

Ages of the actors: F older, young M and the rest fit the cliches of god, Jesus and St. Peter.

Suitable for: PG 14 – blasphemy, language

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – playing characters convincingly

Set: Act 1: A WHITE STAGE doused in a bright, but soft, WHITE LIGHT. A CNN-style PRAYER TICKER scrolls across the back wall. Interspersed among the scrolling prayers are requests for God’s help resolving larger issues – bringing peace to Middle East, ending hunger, etc. – but most are requests for personal favors. There is a small LAPTOP on top of a WHITE DESK; two WHITE CHAIRS sit perpendicular to the audience.

Act 2:  INTERIOR of the FERGUSON home. The space is plain: a sagging leather COUCH, a yard-sale T.V. STAND, and wobbly BOOKSHELF fill one space. On the wall above the BOOKSHELF is a framed PORTRAIT OF JESUS. On top of the BOOKSHELF are a group of lit TEA CANDLES. A small KITCHEN TABLE and two CHAIRS occupy the rest of the stage.

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Foulweather Friend – a two act dark comedy

two act comedy
PLAYS loved by our editor


Foulweather Friend,  a two act dark comedy, is set in a forgotten hamlet in 1957 Vermont. The town is slowly crumbling around its last remaining living inhabitants.  A community theatre company persists in producing plays even though most of the subscription audience are in the graveyard and might, to be fair, require they be exhumed.  (At the very least they’ll have a full audience that way.)  They are in the process of rehearsing their latest play, “Foulweather Friend,” when a mysterious young playwright,  Pegeen Dalrymple, arrives in town.  But is she who she says she is? And what does she want? Family issues collide with the supernatural including Druidism in this full length play.

Author: James Kent

Genre: Dark comedy

Type: Full length play, two act dark comedy

Length:  Two and a half hours

Number of actors: Eight, 8,  5F 3M

Ages of actors: One late twenties, one late thirties, rest early fifties to early nineties

Suitable for: All ages

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – much of the humor depends on the zany older characters

Set: In Act One we are introduced to a pond, then a community stage brimming with props and set pieces.  In Act Two the characters are only in the graveyard.  Drop dead silence is punctured by sounds of crickets, cicadas, birdsong and by lightning and thunder.

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