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Thirty Deep – American one act play – a comedy-drama

American one act play


It’s the last day of business for Guns ‘n Stuff Taxidermist. Business hasn’t been great lately and they’ve been forced to close down. (There’s a Smoothie Place coming in in their spot instead) All Montgomery has to do is put the finishing touches on a beaver he’s been stuffing before he bids the old place farewell. His wife, Cookie and lifetime friend, Whiskey are helping him pack up everything in the shop in this American one act play.

Enter Janice Rothstein with a very unusual request, which she’s willing to pay plenty for. In fact before he takes the job, she offers him $30 000. Enough to keep the business going, for sure. Enough for them to live on for quite a while. Only problem is, it’s the first time Montgomery’s ever been asked to stuff this kind of animal. Our kind.

Other plays by author Jordan Morille – Jars – a drama about love between two women

Author: Jordan Morille

Type: American one act play

Genre: Comedy-drama, dark comedy, dramedy. Starts out as comic with some serious elements at the end.

Cast: 2M, 2F

Ages of the actors: All the actors are older adults – old enough to have fought in Vietnam and have thirty year old kids.

Suitable for: All ages to watch, adult to older adult actors to perform

Length: Forty minutes

Set: GUNS N’ STUFF TAXIDERMY. There is a gun counter with a register, a small table nearby, and a staircase leading up to an office. It is the last day of business and the shop is mostly boxed up. A few mounted animals of various kinds litter the shop’s walls, while the gun counter is empty, save a few pistols inside and rifles racked up behind. A SHOTGUN is mounted on the wall directly above the counter, with the mount reading “THE GAVEL”.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – accents – the play is written for Southern American actors

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Gatecrashers – one act comedy drama about elderly wedding crashers

one act comedy drama

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After attending a reception for a Jewish wedding, an elderly couple are making their way to the car park when a hotel employee stops them and requests that they accompany him to the manager’s office. Apparently, there has been a robbery and Faye and Sidney are suspects.

Although Faye and Sidney insist they are not the thieves, it turns out they have to explain why they weren’t on the wedding guest list either…

Other plays by Peter Pitt.

Performance History

Deer Park High School, NY, USA – 2016
Roial Players, MI, USA – 2016
Village Green theatre Co, Queensland, Australia – 2018
Kenai Players, AR, USA – 2019
Uniontown Area High School, PA, USA – 2023

Author: Peter Pitt

Genre: One act comedy drama

Type: One act play

Cast:  3M 3F

Ages of the actors:  The main characters are in their 60’s.  The waitress is young and the rest are middle aged.

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 15-20 minutes

Set:  A hotel manager‘s office. It is furnished with a fairly smart desk, a swivel chair, a settee and a couple of other chairs. There is one door. On the desk is a telephone and other writing apparel. Also a nameplate which reads ‘BRUNO CORSINNI , Manager.’

Level of difficulty:  6/10 – a nice one act festival play

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Clear as Clear – a one act cowboy dramatic play

cowboy dramatic script



‘Clear as Clear’ is a one act drama about five cowboys at the turn of the century who get to playing a game of cards to pass the time as there is a blizzard outside. As they play, they recall the past and how things have changed at the turn of the century USA, how the war affected them, and how they  treated the Indians that used to live there.  The plain where they live once teemed with rivers of buffalo and Indians, and now there is only silence.  Each man comes to terms with what he has done in the name of progress in this one act cowboy dramatic play.

Read more about playwright David Greenberg.

Author: David Greenberg

Type: One act cowboy dramatic play

Genre: Drama

Length: Forty five minutes

Number of actors: Five male actors (5M)

Ages of the actors: Middle aged to about sixty

Set: Simple – a room in a cabin with a table, chairs, a door and places to sleep

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – the script is interesting and the action builds toward the end. Challenge – portraying believable turn of the century hardened cowboy characters.

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Foulweather Friend – a two act dark comedy

two act comedy
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Foulweather Friend,  a two act dark comedy, is set in a forgotten hamlet in 1957 Vermont. The town is slowly crumbling around its last remaining living inhabitants.  A community theatre company persists in producing plays even though most of the subscription audience are in the graveyard and might, to be fair, require they be exhumed.  (At the very least they’ll have a full audience that way.)  They are in the process of rehearsing their latest play, “Foulweather Friend,” when a mysterious young playwright,  Pegeen Dalrymple, arrives in town.  But is she who she says she is? And what does she want? Family issues collide with the supernatural including Druidism in this full length play.

Author: James Kent

Genre: Dark comedy

Type: Full length play, two act dark comedy

Length:  Two and a half hours

Number of actors: Eight, 8,  5F 3M

Ages of actors: One late twenties, one late thirties, rest early fifties to early nineties

Suitable for: All ages

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – much of the humor depends on the zany older characters

Set: In Act One we are introduced to a pond, then a community stage brimming with props and set pieces.  In Act Two the characters are only in the graveyard.  Drop dead silence is punctured by sounds of crickets, cicadas, birdsong and by lightning and thunder.

Read about playwright James Kent

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