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Sir Lyonel and the Legion of Unlikely Heroes – funny fantasy script

funny fantasy script


There’s nothing like serving a reigning queen a good dose of her own justice. Sir Lyonel the Just has seen the limits of Queen Agrivaine’s mercy (very limited) and has an unyielding desire to get back what is rightfully his. A knight can only do so much with his swordsmanship but by a stroke of good fortune Sir Lyonel happens upon a minstrel because well, everyone needs one. Sir Lyonel also stumbles upon the strongest man within quite a radius, one who if they shoot you, it will be your last breath, one with dominion over the winds, a lady with crazy fast feet and a woman who puts the cold in ‘’ice cold’’. They all join forces with the knight to get rich from the Queen’s treasury and bruise her ego too. It’s not an easy feat, for the Queen is cunning but at least there is quite a bit of fun to be had with the Princess’s betrothal on the cards in this funny fantasy script.

It’s a league distinct from any other.

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Author: David Schmidt

Type: Two-act play

Genre: Funny fantasy script

Cast: Main Characters: 2M, 2F. Total cast: 5M, 7F

Ages of the actors: Teens up

Suitable for: All ages to watch, teens up to perform

Length: 60-75 minutes

Set: Roads, various. Throne room of the queen, outside the palace gates, a banquet hall.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – some special effects may be needed.

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Conformity – teen drama for high school

teen drama for high school
teen drama for high school
Teen Plays


In this teen drama for high school, eight students who have nothing in common are sitting in detention on a Saturday run by the vice principal, Miss Blair. Although they are all so different from each other, they learn that they all do have something in common – each of them has a terrible secret; something bad has happened in their past which has brought them to this point. As they talk about the essay they have been set, “conformity” and the things that have happened to them, they come to the realization that conforming to life’s rules isn’t always for everybody. In order to move on, they need to accept the things that have happened to them because those things made them who they are today. A challenging play for high school drama class, loosely based on the hit movie, “The Breakfast Club.”

Performance History:

AK Arts academy – 2016
Pacific Hills School, CA, USA – 2016
Pineapple Theatre at Rosen College of Hospitality Management, FL, USA – 2019

Author: Kevin E. VanMeter

Type: Two-act play

Genre: Teen drama

Cast: 7F 4M

Ages of the actors: Can all be played by teens, possibly two to three adults may be included

Suitable for: PG 10

Length: 90 minutes long

Set: A detention class with desks and chairs.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – the ”male” and ”female” ‘roles are more challenging as those actors need to play a number of different roles of various ages.

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Try Psychology – melodramatic comedy in two acts

melodramatic comedy in two acts


It’s The “Castle’ Inn, a once elegant inn in a rustic setting, now a room and board establishment presided over by the buxom Margery and now unfortunately, badly in debt.

Margery’s famous cooking is doing its part in keeping the paying clientele away, and today, only one guest is reluctantly eating his way through the aforementioned cooking. He’s called Stanley and he’s got his fingers in more than one pie. He was previously engaged to the Maid at “The Castle Inn,” Lola, who has unceremoniously dumped him for his many flirtations, which include an aspiring actress, Rhoda, who he promised to put on stage (but now he unfortunately can’t because he has run out of money) and the buxom Margery (without her knowledge he has purchased the Castle Inn – hence his lack of money).

Margery and Percy’s marriage is on the rocks, as he has tolerated her cooking long enough. Today Percy’s leaving her to run his hot-dog stand in peace.

Author:  George Freek

Genre: Melodramatic comedy

Type: Two-act play

Cast: Seven actors, 4M 3F

Ages of the actors: Adult  – Twenties to Fifties

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Ninety minutes

Set:  The All-purpose room of ‘The Castle’ Inn. At the right is a dining table and
door to the kitchen. An entrance door is center, rear. At left, down, is a piano
up from it doors, presumably to rooms. There is a sofa by the piano.

Level of Difficulty:  8/10 – achieving the mix of melodrama, dry wit and slapstick that is this lovely piece, er, without going overboard.

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Check Off in the Sun – family drama script


family drama script

Victoria is terminally ill. She arranges for a villa in the southwest and has her closest friends and family join her for what is assumed to be a final meeting among them. Two generations attend. It is a farewell but none can figure out how to say farewell. Each comes with a personal history, each with a personal need to assert what Victoria means to him or her, the part she played in his or her life, and even expectations for what Victoria should feel about them. Least of all can they figure out how to handle the impending death.

Traditional arguments among them resume, but now highly tense in the context of a life viewed as an entirety. Each questions his or her own and each other’s accomplishments to the extent their personalities permit. Each questions even more the roles others played in Victoria’s life. And Victoria concludes they came for no reason but to check her off. She herself is not sure why she called them.

There is a frightening police marijuana raid and a steak missing at the dinner table; but they learn how to give comfort and some about life and death, their own as well as Victoria’s.

This play has been previously workshopped. Read about playwright Leonard Goodisman. Comedies by Leonard.

Author: Leonard Goodisman

Genre: Family drama script

Type: Two-act drama script

Cast: 4M, 5F

Length: 120 minutes

Ages of the actors: One teen, rest twenties to late fifties.

Suitable for: All ages

Set: Minimum. No lighting changes.A table, a chair or two, some suitcases, paper documents.

Level of Difficulty:  8/10 – building tension and climax

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