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Happy Reality – fairytale comedy script for adults

fairytale comedy script for adults

Happy Reality – fairytale comedy script for adults

When a fairytale becomes the most precise way to shock, educate and amaze!

Michelle is determined to write the perfect fairytale. Easy enough… except the story must have a lesson that teaches both parents and their children about the harsh facts of life, it must get the ‘approval’ of her publisher and most importantly, the story must honour the memory of her late daughter, Anna. Still trying to come to terms with her death and relying heavily on alcohol to deal with it, Michelle ponders her daughter and the life she could have lived, sewing it weirdly yet beautifully together with the outlandish adventures of a fairytale, to seal the memory of her daughter in a triumphant fashion in this modern fairytale comedy script for adults.

Read about award winning playwright Ashley Nader. Other plays – Three’s a crowd – a love triangle by Ashley.

Author: Ashley Nader

Type: One act play

Genre: Modern fairytale comedy script for adults

Cast: 5 – F, 1 – M

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: Adults

Length: Fifteen minutes

Set: Any – no set description is given so it up to the director’s discretion

Level of the difficulty: 6/10 – fun fantasy play for adults with both comic and sad notes

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Barred – short one act comedy-drama

short one act


In this short one act, a girl is kicked out of a bar, and a hopeful older guy tries to pick her up. But she is fickle, like many young girls, and intentionally, or unintentionally leads the hopeful guy along. All for a cigarette…

A short comedy-drama great for character development as an actor.

Author: Greg Urbaitis

Genre: Comedy-Drama

Type: Short one act

Length: Play 7 minutes long

Cast: 2M 2F actors

Ages of the actors: Females are late teens and male one is an older guy, possibly middle aged and the doorman should be 20’s-40’s

Set: Set outside a dive bar located across from a City Park. The entrance to the dive bar is on the right, and there is a very small outdoor patio area with a single table, currently unoccupied, though showing remnants of having been used that night – a couple of beer bottles on the table, a pack of smokes. Across from the bar there is a low concrete wall. A street separates the two. It is around 10 or 11 PM. Dark.

Level of difficulty: 5-10. An easy short character piece for four actors

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My Child – one act drama about a baby

drama about a baby


A short drama script that deals with both the anguish of being a woman who is unable to have her own child, as well as the emotional turmoil surrounding a teenage girl when she finds out that she is pregnant. A beautifully written short one act for two female actors that would be a great festival play and black box theatre play script.


Creekview High School, GA, USA – 2018

Read more about young British playwright Kat Ravlic.

Author: Kat Ravlic

Genre: Family drama about a baby

Type: Short one act play

Number of actors: Two F, 2 women

Ages of the actors: One mid teen, one thirties

Length: Seven minutes

Set: Black box theatre, simple set

Suitable for: PG 10 odd reference to sex.

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – nice play with heartfelt emotions in everyday language

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Rebecca, the child – a short one act for teenagers

one acts for teenagers
one act for teenagers


Rebecca and her friend, Claire are seventeen and at a point in their lives when they feel that they should ‘be adults’ and do the things that adults do. Claire has met a couple of guys who she says would be happy to ‘help them out.’ But Rebecca is unsure whether she is ready for the experience. A short one act for teenagers and high school students that deals with the subject of peer pressure and growing up.

Author:  Timothy Tarkelly

Genre: Teen drama

Type: Short one act for teens

Length: 5 – 7 minutes.

Actors:  2F, two teenage girls

Ages of actors: Mid to late teens

Set: Simple – a public phone and the idea of it being on a street somewhere

Level of Difficulty:  6/10 – a short easy play for teenage girls

Timothy Tarkelly is a student at Fort Hays State University where he studies theater and English. He has had stories published in anthologies such as Cover of Darkness and Zombie Tales, and has had stories featured in online publications such as Apocrypha and Abstractions,  microhorror.com anddailylove.net. 

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The Mysterious Death of Christine Wilde – short whodunits

short whodunits

short whodunnits


In “The Mysterious Death of Christine Wilde,” Lynn, an actress in her fifties, visits the home of Caryl, a current and famous star of the stage. They get to talking and the mysterious death of young Christine Wilde, when they were all young and in the theatre together many years ago, comes up. Who did kill Christine? And why would they do it?

This play is a nice period piece for two older and two younger women with a small male part. It was staged as part of the Franklin Players Festival in 2011.  Read more about playwright Lianne Gill.


St. Mary’s Welling Players, London, UK – 2018

Author: Lianne Gill

Characters: 5 (4F/1M)

Genre: Drama, short whodunits, One Act Play

Type: One Act Play

Length: 15 – 20 minutes

Suitable for: All Ages

Ages of Actors: 2F middle aged, 2F young 20″s, 1M young 20’s-30s

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Ralph – a funny film noir play

comedy maskfilm noir playRALPH – A FUNNY FILM NOIR PLAY


Meet Ralph Spade, trying to make a living as a Private Eye  in his cheap downtown office. When Sam Malone comes to Ralph, to investigate the disappearance of  his girlfriend, Ralph takes the case.  Ralph, the detective is a colourful character whose brain is a sharp as a knife, but has also been muddled by years of alcohol. When it turns out that the parrot is also dead in this tongue in cheek film noir play, things take a bizarre twist in this off the wall Monty Python meets Film Noir style comedy.

Performance History:

Franklin and Friends festival of one act plays – 2010
Pleasant Valley High School – 2015

Author: Dewan Demmer

Cast: Cast Two M

Genre: Film Noir + Comedy + Crime

Difficulty: 6/10 (Achieving the Film Noir Feel)

Suitable for: Suitable for all ages

Ages of Performers: Teen and Adult

Length: 20 minutes

Set: Simple –  the crummy downtown office of a private eye with a untidy desk with drawers and a coat rack. There is a chair for a client to sit on and a telephone on the desk.

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Cost is $9 for this previously staged digital script.

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