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343 Union Street – comedy set in Brooklyn

comedy play set in Brooklyn


Gary and C.J. are just two regular guys from Brooklyn who, inspired by the hot day and the beer they’re drinking, decide that they are going to write a play. C.J.’s friend, Holly is currently in a play which to all accounts sound terrible, and they’re convinced that they could write something at least a little better than that one in this comedy set in Brooklyn.

After all, who knows what inspiration may just walk around the corner? For example, there’s Vinny, the ex boxer who lives in the same building. He went out every night and got beat up , just so he could support his sisters.  That’s a great story.  And how about the creepy old lady who lives in the building? She’s got to be known as “Killer” for a reason.  And the homeless guy on the corner? Rumor has it he’s the landlord’s brother and had it not been for a little incident, he would have been the landlord and not his brother. Plenty of material there!

Or they could just go to the store for more beer…

Other plays – Uncovered – a romantic drama by American playwright Greg Urbaitis.

Author: Greg Urbaitis

Genre: Comedy set in Brooklyn, character driven

Type: One act comedy play

Cast: 4M 1F

Ages of the actors: One older lady, four adults, two main characters young adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to perform

Length: Fifteen to twenty minutes

Set: The front steps of a typical Brooklyn apartment building (but could be adapted to any apartment building)

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – easy play with easy lines. Character based.

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The witch’s cackle – scary play for Halloween

scary play for halloween


In this scary play for Halloween, it’s the night of Halloween and brothers Mark and Gary are working, as they do every year at the local fun fair in the live action haunted house. They use the time to check out girls, and earn a bit of cash. And chat about stuff. A typical summer job. But this year Mark seems to have something on his mind that’s important. He’s Gary’s brother after all. Family. There’s just one other thing about Mark…


American School of Dubai, UAE – 2021
Transylvania University, KY, USA – 2021


Read about playwright Greg Urbaitis. Other dramas (Uncovered, a romantic drama script) by Greg.

Author: Greg Urbaitis

Type: One act play, ten minute plays

Genre: Scary play for Halloween

Cast: 3M (or 2M 1F)

Ages of the actors: Two late teens, early twenties, one small part older

Length: 7-10 minutes

Suitable for: All ages

Set: Live action haunted house

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – scary short play for Halloween

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Barred – short one act comedy-drama

short one act


In this short one act, a girl is kicked out of a bar, and a hopeful older guy tries to pick her up. But she is fickle, like many young girls, and intentionally, or unintentionally leads the hopeful guy along. All for a cigarette…

A short comedy-drama great for character development as an actor.

Author: Greg Urbaitis

Genre: Comedy-Drama

Type: Short one act

Length: Play 7 minutes long

Cast: 2M 2F actors

Ages of the actors: Females are late teens and male one is an older guy, possibly middle aged and the doorman should be 20’s-40’s

Set: Set outside a dive bar located across from a City Park. The entrance to the dive bar is on the right, and there is a very small outdoor patio area with a single table, currently unoccupied, though showing remnants of having been used that night – a couple of beer bottles on the table, a pack of smokes. Across from the bar there is a low concrete wall. A street separates the two. It is around 10 or 11 PM. Dark.

Level of difficulty: 5-10. An easy short character piece for four actors

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Uncovered – romantic drama script

romantic drama plays


A man and woman have been living together in a small Chicago apartment. She has been working to pay the bills while he works on a novel, but he’s developed writer’s block, and it’s been eating away at his confidence, and lessening her attraction to him. The rift has gotten to the point where she’s been spending most of her time at a friend’s place.
He goes to see her at work and watches her in a different light as she floats around her restaurant interacting with the customers. Then they go out for drinks, and their passion is rekindling.

We hear them as they ascend the stairs to their apartment, bumping against the walls as they release from each other’s embrace long enough to unlock the door.

Inside we watch as they work out their relationship, one that began with a mutual love of books, one helped to be put back together – and almost taken further apart – by the books in their life.

Performance History

Winthrop University, SC, USA – 2017
Alphabetti theatre, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK – 2019

Author: Greg Urbaitis

Genre: Romantic drama script

Type: One act play

Cast:  1M 1F

Ages of the actors:  Late twenties to mid forties

Suitable for: PG 14 language

Length: 25-30 minutes

Set: Set in an apartment’s bedroom in Chicago, at dusk. The sun is going down and the street lights are coming on. There is a window at the back of the apartment, and one can see city streets through it

Level of difficulty:  7/10 – Two handers are always challenging but the conversation between the two actors is light and interesting to follow

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