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Lady T – one act drama for teens and students

one act drama for teens


T is a young student, busy co-directing a play with her friend, Skylar for her acting class. For as long as T can remember, there has been a character, whom she knows as “Shadow” in her life. Only T can see Shadow. T admits to herself that Shadow is someone that she has created out of her own imagination, to help her get through life, and that in order to move on with her own life, she will have to let him go. But how easy is it to let a piece of you go for good?

Author: Naadir Joseph

Genre: One act drama for teens and students

Type: One act play

Cast: 3M 3F

Ages of the actors: All late teens to early twenties

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 30 minutes

Set: Scene 1 : Chairs and tables are required in this scene to give it a kiosk feel. Any other pieces can be added to create an environment similar to those found at a kiosk or coffee shop. Cups of some sort are needed on the tables. Scene 2 is a blank stage

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – a good high school or student one act drama

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Copyright © May 2015 Naadir Joseph and Off The Wall Play Publishers


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My Child – one act drama about a baby

drama about a baby


A short drama script that deals with both the anguish of being a woman who is unable to have her own child, as well as the emotional turmoil surrounding a teenage girl when she finds out that she is pregnant. A beautifully written short one act for two female actors that would be a great festival play and black box theatre play script.


Creekview High School, GA, USA – 2018
Glenville-Emmons Schools, MN, USA – 2021

Read more about young British playwright Kat Ravlic.

Author: Kat Ravlic

Genre: Family drama about a baby

Type: Short one act play

Number of actors: Two F, 2 women

Ages of the actors: One mid teen, one thirties

Length: Seven minutes

Set: Black box theatre, simple set

Suitable for: PG 10 odd reference to sex.

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – nice play with heartfelt emotions in everyday language

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© August 2014 Kat Ravlic and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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The Any Key – Monologues for Men

monologues for men


Bad things happen to everyone. Sometimes it’s your fault, and sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes you can blame other people for your problems and sometimes you just can’t. People tend to ignore the warning signs in life, and then bad things happen that they should have see coming. But what if there was a magical key that we could push, that would make it all unhappen so we could do it over?

Read about playwright Chris Welzenbach. The author will allow workshopping of the play to accommodate place names and because couriers often use light motorcycles (motos) rather than bicycles.

Author: Chris Welzenbach

Type: One act monologues for men

Genre: One act drama

Length: Seventeen to Twenty Three minutes according to previous performances

Number of actors:One

Suitable for: PG due to language

Set: Single Barstool, black box theatre

Level of Difficulty 6/10 – style is quite conversational

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Copyright February 2014 Chris Welzenbach and Off the Wall Play Publishers

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Ralph – a funny film noir play

comedy maskfilm noir playRALPH – A FUNNY FILM NOIR PLAY


Meet Ralph Spade, trying to make a living as a Private Eye  in his cheap downtown office. When Sam Malone comes to Ralph, to investigate the disappearance of  his girlfriend, Ralph takes the case.  Ralph, the detective is a colourful character whose brain is a sharp as a knife, but has also been muddled by years of alcohol. When it turns out that the parrot is also dead in this tongue in cheek film noir play, things take a bizarre twist in this off the wall Monty Python meets Film Noir style comedy.

Performance History:

Franklin and Friends festival of one act plays – 2010
Pleasant Valley High School – 2015
Somersworth High School, NH, USA – 2020

Author: Dewan Demmer

Cast: Cast Two M

Genre: Film Noir + Comedy + Crime

Difficulty: 6/10 (Achieving the Film Noir Feel)

Suitable for: Suitable for all ages

Ages of Performers: Teen and Adult

Length: 20 minutes

Set: Simple –  the crummy downtown office of a private eye with a untidy desk with drawers and a coat rack. There is a chair for a client to sit on and a telephone on the desk.

Read a sample of the script

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Copyright © September 2010 Off The Wall Play Publishers

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