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Happy Reality – fairytale comedy script for adults

fairytale comedy script for adults

Happy Reality – fairytale comedy script for adults

When a fairytale becomes the most precise way to shock, educate and amaze!

Michelle is determined to write the perfect fairytale. Easy enough… except the story must have a lesson that teaches both parents and their children about the harsh facts of life, it must get the ‘approval’ of her publisher and most importantly, the story must honour the memory of her late daughter, Anna. Still trying to come to terms with her death and relying heavily on alcohol to deal with it, Michelle ponders her daughter and the life she could have lived, sewing it weirdly yet beautifully together with the outlandish adventures of a fairytale, to seal the memory of her daughter in a triumphant fashion in this modern fairytale comedy script for adults.


Theatre Glendon, York University, ON, Canada – 2021


Read about award winning playwright Ashley Nader. Other plays – Three’s a crowd – a love triangle by Ashley.

Author: Ashley Nader

Type: One act play

Genre: Modern fairytale comedy script for adults

Cast: 5 – F, 1 – M

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: Adults

Length: Fifteen minutes

Set: Any – no set description is given so it up to the director’s discretion

Level of the difficulty: 6/10 – fun fantasy play for adults with both comic and sad notes

Read a Sample of the Script

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Cost is $8.00 for this new digital play script

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