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The Last Time I saw Paris – Three act comedy plays


three act comedy plays

The Last Time I saw Paris – the alternative history – How the horse of Troy thing really went down! Complete with Greek Gods that are actually Scottish, and many, many puns, this teen parody on the Trojan wars in the style of the ‘Carry On films’ will have the cast giggling away , and the audience too. Featuring: Helen of Sparta, Paris, Hector, Achilles and a host of other mythical characters and complete with two songs and incidental music. It is a great play for a large cast, such as a secondary or high school or community theatre group.

Read about author Keith Passmore. Other plays by Keith Passmore.

Author: Keith Passmore

Genre: Historical parody

Type: Three act comedy play

Number of actors: Forty seven parts but may be doubled up

Ages of the actors: Teen to adult

Suitable for: Teens to adults

Length: 2-2.5 hours

Set: Various – various palaces, a wedding reception, palace grounds

Level of Difficulty: 8/10 crowd control

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Aladdin comedy script


Aladdin comedy script

The wicked wizard Abanazaar seeks ultimate power to rule the world. But unfortunately, the power is only given to those who are worthy. Despite his assurances that he will use it to fix the hole in the ozone layer, he is not deemed worthy. But there is one who is.  His name is Aladdin, and he is currently pretending he is royalty (but hiding out as a peasant), so that he doesn’t get executed for staring at the local Princess.  Aladdin is being hunted by the fierce Gung Ho, and fears for his life.

When  Abanazaar arrives in Peking, he seeks Aladdin out and pretends to be a long lost relative. When he promises that he has  a ‘get rich quick’ scheme up his sleeve, Aladdin sees his chance to prove he is worthy of the Princess by getting load of money, and so agrees to enter a magical cave and retrieve a lamp for Abanazaar to do so. But things get even better when Aladdin rubs the lamp himself, unleashing the secret agent Genie inside and his sidekick, Miss FunnyPenny. This suits Aladdin perfectly, until Abanazaar steals the lamp back from him….and tries to kill him….

Author:  Bradley Coffey

Genre: Comic version of traditional tale

Type: One act play

Length: One hour

Cast: Thirteen to Twenty, 8M, 4F and rest either M/F

Suitable for: Ages 10 to 15. Suitable for younger teens

Ages of the actors: Ages 10 and up, can be played by either adults of younger teens and older children.

Set:  9 scene changes but most can be accomplished with flats and some in front of the curtain.

Level of Difficulty:  6/10 – slightly long for younger children.

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The Chicken or the Egg – A Political Satire Script

political satire script


The play is set at a court hearing of a man from rural Victoria who has been charged with sedition for publishing remarks on the internet that are deciphered as supportive of Al Qaeda. The man’s defense is that he did not publish the remarks but that his chicken had laid an egg on his computer keyboard which caused the random configuration of letters to be posted on the internet. Courtroom drama erupts as accusation fly about who really posted the comments, the defendant, the chicken…or the egg.

Author: Revelly Robinson

Type: One Act Play

Genre: Political Satire script

Number of Actors: Four  4M

Ages of the Actors: Adult

Suitable for : All Ages

Length: 15-20 minutes

Set:  Simple. A rural courtroom.  A chicken puppet is needed.  Alternatively a real chicken.

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – keeping a straight face on stage as this script is very funny.

More plays by Revelly Robinson. Read about  playwright Revelly Robinson

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Antibiotic – Hospital Comedy Script in two acts

hospital comedy script in two acts


In this hospital comedy script in two acts, Wally, who is an elderly man and a member of the great unwashed, creates havoc in the male ward, whilst an unfortunate male patient who is having a problem with his genitals is placed in the female ward due to overcrowding. Back in the female ward, the patients discover that two of them know the same man (rather well) and only one of them is married to him!
This play is set in New Zealand but the content is universal and will be giggled at by audiences throughout the world.


Moartz, ACT, Australia – 2018

Author: Keith Passmore

Genre: Hospital comedy script, medical comedy script

Type: Two-act play, 2 act play

Length:Two hours, 2 hr)

Cast:  15-20 actors, fifteen to twenty

Ages of actors: Ages Twenty to Seventy 20s-70s

Suitable for: All Ages

Set:  Two hospital wards – the beds stay the same but the patients change as the lights go up and down.

Level of difficulty: 7-10 – achieving fluidity with the set changes and humour.

More about playwright Keith Passmore. Other plays by Keith Passmore

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