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The IMPOSTOR – Two-Act comedy about an estate agent

comedy about an estate agent


Family and business usually don’t mix well. That, however, has yet to stop the Norths in this comedy about an estate agent. The Norths run North Real Estate Agency with Roger, the tough patriarch, at its head. Marianne, Roger and Elvira’s daughter, is in love with Val, an employee who seeks the blessing of Roger. Now, Roger’s wife is (at the same time) being pursued by Terry Tupper (another employee) whom Grandma North and Roger seem to live for… and that’s just for starters.

As complicated as things are (and probably always will be) Terry Tupper is the largest problem facing the family and its business. He seems to have some sort of agenda. Everyone BUT Roger and Grandma seem to be onto his shenanigans. Something must be done. And it must be done before Terry starts believing he has become a North.

Family first and constant vigilance!

Other plays by playwright George Freek – The Right Approach – ten minute comedy about getting promoted off the bed and into the office in the local house!

Author: George Freek

Type: Two-act play script

Genre: Comedy about an estate agent

Cast: 4M, 6F

Ages of the actors: Adult to old aged

Suitable for: All ages to watch, teens up to perform

Length: 70-80 minutes

Set: The Reception room of the North Advertising Agency

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – this writer uses a lot of high energy reactions all through the script. Building to a climax.

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Antibiotic – Hospital Comedy Script in two acts

hospital comedy script in two acts


In this hospital comedy script in two acts, Wally, who is an elderly man and a member of the great unwashed, creates havoc in the male ward, whilst an unfortunate male patient who is having a problem with his genitals is placed in the female ward due to overcrowding. Back in the female ward, the patients discover that two of them know the same man (rather well) and only one of them is married to him!
This play is set in New Zealand but the content is universal and will be giggled at by audiences throughout the world.


Moartz, ACT, Australia – 2018

Author: Keith Passmore

Genre: Hospital comedy script, medical comedy script

Type: Two-act play, 2 act play

Length:Two hours, 2 hr)

Cast:  15-20 actors, fifteen to twenty

Ages of actors: Ages Twenty to Seventy 20s-70s

Suitable for: All Ages

Set:  Two hospital wards – the beds stay the same but the patients change as the lights go up and down.

Level of difficulty: 7-10 – achieving fluidity with the set changes and humour.

More about playwright Keith Passmore. Other plays by Keith Passmore

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