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The Ten Minute Hamlet – very funny large cast comedy

funny large cast comedy script


Meet Miguel Hernandez. He is the protagonist of this funny large cast comedy script. When young Miguel is sentenced to community service at an old folks home he initially thinks he’s up for yet another colossal waste of his life. After a few minutes there, he learns very quickly that The Aurora Arms retirement home houses anything but waste. Aurora is the dwelling of a dynamic bunch of retirees who would rather spend their time spending it for goodness sake! They are not dead, yet!

Accepting that he won’t get away with murder, excuse the pun, Miguel realizes fast that it is not only he that needs some rehabilitating… and that’s where Hamlet saunters in. You see Hamlet is Miguel’s buddy, a heartrending figure in the young convict’s life, one who takes his time, is quite popular and inspires many with his reach. Hamlet is a play. And Miguel is going to direct this emotionally compelling and almost too influential
Shakespearean tragedy with the use of Aurora Arms retirement homes’ residents. Oh, and in ten minutes.

Author: Sharon Talbot

Type: Two-act comedy, large cast comedy script

Genre: Comedy

Cast: Mains: 2 – F, 1- M, total cast of 14 characters

Ages of the actors: Two around 20, two 40-50’s and the rest over 60.

Suitable for: All ages, also ideal for play readings for mature casts

Length: Ninety minutes

Set: Upstate New York, the Day Room of The Aurora Arms, a retirement village

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – comic timing and characterization

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The Last Time I saw Paris – Three act comedy plays


three act comedy plays

The Last Time I saw Paris – the alternative history – How the horse of Troy thing really went down! Complete with Greek Gods that are actually Scottish, and many, many puns, this teen parody on the Trojan wars in the style of the ‘Carry On films’ will have the cast giggling away , and the audience too. Featuring: Helen of Sparta, Paris, Hector, Achilles and a host of other mythical characters and complete with two songs and incidental music. It is a great play for a large cast, such as a secondary or high school or community theatre group.

Read about author Keith Passmore. Other plays by Keith Passmore.

Author: Keith Passmore

Genre: Historical parody

Type: Three act comedy play

Number of actors: Forty seven parts but may be doubled up

Ages of the actors: Teen to adult

Suitable for: Teens to adults

Length: 2-2.5 hours

Set: Various – various palaces, a wedding reception, palace grounds

Level of Difficulty: 8/10 crowd control

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Antibiotic – Hospital Comedy Script in two acts

hospital comedy script in two acts


In this hospital comedy script in two acts, Wally, who is an elderly man and a member of the great unwashed, creates havoc in the male ward, whilst an unfortunate male patient who is having a problem with his genitals is placed in the female ward due to overcrowding. Back in the female ward, the patients discover that two of them know the same man (rather well) and only one of them is married to him!
This play is set in New Zealand but the content is universal and will be giggled at by audiences throughout the world.


Moartz, ACT, Australia – 2018

Author: Keith Passmore

Genre: Hospital comedy script, medical comedy script

Type: Two-act play, 2 act play

Length:Two hours, 2 hr)

Cast:  15-20 actors, fifteen to twenty

Ages of actors: Ages Twenty to Seventy 20s-70s

Suitable for: All Ages

Set:  Two hospital wards – the beds stay the same but the patients change as the lights go up and down.

Level of difficulty: 7-10 – achieving fluidity with the set changes and humour.

More about playwright Keith Passmore. Other plays by Keith Passmore

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