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When was 1916? – Irish play about the Easter Rising

Irish play about the Easter rising


1916 – a time of turmoil when the Irish sought independence from Britain and they were prepared to fight for it. It was mid world war 1.

“They did not expect it to win power, what they planned was a spectacle, a gesture to transform public opinion,” he said.

Pat, an Irishman living now yearns to write about the Easter Rising of 1916.   As an Irishman himself Pat understands the importance of what he wants to do. Even if he were to overlook the significance of the certain elements he wants to portray, his trusty (and let’s face it) annoying laptop companion, Nat, would never let him forget about them in this Irish play about the Easter Rising.

Pat is challenged by Nat to delve deeper into the exploration of the Easter Rising by choosing to write a play. According to Nat the events were a momentous theatrical occasion and so Pat has all the material he can use at his disposal. Together, they study a typical Irish family, political figures, and military personnel to get the most colourful picture of the occurrences of the Irish countrymen’s bid for an independent republic.

The burden of a writer is rarely over even when the project is complete and lucky for Pat, Nat is with him every step of the way and beyond!

Read about playwright Charles Barry

Author: Charles W. Barry

Genre: Historical, Irish play about the Easter Rising

Type: Full length one act play

Length: 75 minutes

Cast: 14M, 2F. Main characters are 2M

Ages of the actors: All adult and two children.

Suitable: All ages to watch and perform

Set: A stage with table and chair and a laptop and an optional screen for the audience on which images can be projected. 

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – Historically accurate portrayal of characters and events

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The Confederation of Radically Altered People (C.R.A.P.)- superhero play script

superhero play script


The Confederation of Radically Altered People takes place in Tyler City in the present day and age. Superheroes exist and the city is protected by the Alliance of Justice against super villains and normal criminals alike. But what would it be like to have a useless or inconsequential “super” ability in a world of real heroes? Dave, the protagonist, has the ability to feel into the minds of others and give them a sharp pain similar to an ice cream headache. After starting a support group for similar people Dave and his compatriots are thrust into the roles of unlikely saviors when a new powerful arch-villain abducts and imprisons the Alliance of Justice.

“Brain-Freeze,” as Dave is soon known by, saves the day along with his six teammates which includes a person who can rewind time in 15 second increments (“Rewind”), a woman who can channel super strength, but always at a cost (“Side Effect”), as well as others who use their own special abilities to triumph over evil.

The Confederation of Radically Altered People was produced at Laney High School for a three night run last spring and had a very successful production as well as being previewed at the All County Play festival held by New Hanover County.


Glenwood Community High School, IA, USA – 2017
Cajon High School, CA, USA – 2017
Parkview High School, GA, USA – 2018
Arcadia High School, AZ, USA – 2019
Oak Bay High School, British Columbia, Canada – 2019
Ozark High School – MO, USA – 2022
West Virginia Theater East, WV, USA – 2023


Author: Brent Holland

Type: Two-act play

Genre: Superhero play script, sci-fi comedy

Cast: 9M 13F (can also be produced with 7M 6F 9N)

Ages of the actors: Teen to adult

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Two hours

Set: Various – The Alliance of Justice, a restaurant, the street, a conference. The set is at the director’s discretion and backdrops/projections can be used or simple furnishings to suggest scene changes.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – action – making fights with characters with superpowers look real

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Todd – full length drama script based on ‘Sweeney Todd’

full length drama script


“Todd” is based on the infamous character, ‘Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’, yet this story has a more humane approach and the author has depicted Sweeney Todd as a victim of circumstance and of his own vengeance.

It is 18th century England and Todd, a man who used to be known as Pope is sentenced to be transported to Botany Bay, Australia after spending 4 years in prison. He escapes and returns to London, seeking the whereabouts of his daughter Claire whom he has not seen since before his prison sentence. Whilst plotting his revenge, on the Judge who passed his extended prison sentence, Todd sets up as a Barber in Fleet Street, having acquired barber and surgeon skills during his adventures on the high seas. His passion for revenge affects him deeply and he changes into a bitter, cold hearted murderer. He finds his daughter in surprising circumstances, with the help of his lawyer friend, Jonathan, who is unaware of Todd’s change in personality. As for his quest – revenge is far from sweet for Sweeney Todd.


Mount Isa Theatrical Society, Queensland, Australia – 2018
The Understudies, Radboud Universiteit, Netherlands – 2018
Studio East Training for the Performing Arts, WA, USA – 2021
Kew House School, United Kingdom – 2022
Phoenix Players, Southsea, United Kingdom – 2022

More about playwright Keith Passmore. Other dramas by Keith Passmore.

Author: Keith Passmore

Genre: Full length drama script

Type: Two-act full length drama playwright

Length: Two hours

Cast: 20-28 actors 21M 7F (double casting is achievable as are some females playing male parts)

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: PG 13 violence

Set: Minimal stage furniture and props can be used. Scene changes could be made by lighting different parts of the stage, particularly with spots, a number of which are stated in the script.

Level of Difficulty: 8/10 – a drama with a large cast.

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The Last Time I saw Paris – Three act comedy plays


three act comedy plays

The Last Time I saw Paris – the alternative history – How the horse of Troy thing really went down! Complete with Greek Gods that are actually Scottish, and many, many puns, this teen parody on the Trojan wars in the style of the ‘Carry On films’ will have the cast giggling away , and the audience too. Featuring: Helen of Sparta, Paris, Hector, Achilles and a host of other mythical characters and complete with two songs and incidental music. It is a great play for a large cast, such as a secondary or high school or community theatre group.


Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, IN, USA – 2023


Read about author Keith Passmore. Other plays by Keith Passmore.

Author: Keith Passmore

Genre: Historical parody

Type: Three act comedy play

Number of actors: Forty seven parts but may be doubled up

Ages of the actors: Teen to adult

Suitable for: Teens to adults

Length: 2-2.5 hours

Set: Various – various palaces, a wedding reception, palace grounds

Level of Difficulty: 8/10 crowd control

Read a sample of the script

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Information on Royalties for this play

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