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Undressed – monologue about being a stripper

monogue about being a stripper


Nobody chooses to be a stripper or hooker. In most cases, girls (or guys) end up doing it because they’re trying to make ends meet. But they all have their big dreams. In Zoey’s case, she writes music and is just waiting for her big break. In this monologue about being a stripper cum hooker, Zoey is determined to make enough money this New Years so she volunteers to work on the day that nobody really wants to be working. The bar is eerily quiet, and the only customer is a bald man none of the girls want but who they are all determined to get some money out of. Then Zoey sees him – sitting at the end of the bar. He gorgeous and a music producer as well.

But what will happen. Will Zoey finally realise her dream or get her heart broken?

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Author: Macee Binns

Type: Monologue about being a stripper

Genre: Drama

Length: Ten minutes

Cast: 1F

Ages of the actor: Twenties to forties

Set: An empty club on New Year’s Eve. A bar table and two chairs are
set on the stage.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – characterization – the exhausted and exploited yet beautiful look.

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Lady T – one act drama for teens and students

one act drama for teens


T is a young student, busy co-directing a play with her friend, Skylar for her acting class. For as long as T can remember, there has been a character, whom she knows as “Shadow” in her life. Only T can see Shadow. T admits to herself that Shadow is someone that she has created out of her own imagination, to help her get through life, and that in order to move on with her own life, she will have to let him go. But how easy is it to let a piece of you go for good?

Author: Naadir Joseph

Genre: One act drama for teens and students

Type: One act play

Cast: 3M 3F

Ages of the actors: All late teens to early twenties

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 30 minutes

Set: Scene 1 : Chairs and tables are required in this scene to give it a kiosk feel. Any other pieces can be added to create an environment similar to those found at a kiosk or coffee shop. Cups of some sort are needed on the tables. Scene 2 is a blank stage

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – a good high school or student one act drama

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