After the pyre – short male monologue

short male monologue


When you’re young and growing up alongside a brother or a best friend you do everything together. You know that you each have faults, but you accept. But when you’re bigger and those faults still remain, and remain to the extent that they compromise your relationship, you tend to be less forgiving and less tolerant. This is a monologue from a man who ended up on the wrong side of one of those type of relationships. A monologue to the man who wronged him and has now disappeared from his life, possibly passed away. To everything he was and to everything he did.

Author’s note: It would be entirely acceptable  that the piece be staged with the monologue itself pre-recorded. The idea is that we watch the actor and his expressions as he ‘speaks’, but that the voice itself is in his head. At the director’s discretion.

This monologue has been produced and filmed. See the film on Youtube

Author: Adam Croft

Genre: Drama, short male monologue

Type: One act play, five to seven minute play

Cast: 1M

Ages of the actor: Anything upwards from early thirties

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Five to seven minutes long

Set: A single armchair on a stage

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – keeping the focus of the audience

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