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The Wrong side of the road – Drama for Teens about a Car Accident



Imagine that, in a moment of thoughtlessness your life would change for ever, and would even be over.
It’s the holidays and three teens, Danny, Ben and Rachael are going to spend the holidays at the cottage owned by Danny’s father. Danny, egged on by Ben, has driven there in his father’s car without his father’s consent. Danny also hasn’t got a driving licence or insurance in this drama for teens about a car accident.

Just a matter of a few minutes from their destination, Danny takes a bend on the wrong side of the road, resulting in another car swerving out the way to avoid them and crashing, with fatalities highly likely. In a moment of panic, Danny doesn’t stop at the scene of the accident.

When Rachael arrives at the holiday cottage on her motorbike a little later she brings news. The car they hit had one survivor, a policeman. She then produces a gun she took from the scene of the crime. What she suggests next is unthinkable.

The wrong side of the road was was one of nine scripts short-listed in the 2009 Kenneth Branagh Drama Writing Award competition.


New Hanover High School, NC – 2021
Dudley College of Technology, Dudney, UK – 2022


Author: James Chalmers

Genre: Drama for teens about a car accident

Type: One act play

Length: 25 minutes (One Act)

Cast: 2 Male 1 Female

Ages of players: 14 to 18

Suitable for: Teens and young adults

Set: A holiday cottage

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – a good play for one act festivals with growing tension throughout.

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The Smith Mountain Hunting Club – one act drama for cast of 7

one act drama for cast of 7


This town ain’t like the rest of the USA. This town is strictly regulated by the mayor himself. You see, a few years back he passed some weird law that nobody was allowed to own or use a gun, ‘cept if you were part of law enforcement or the Smith Mountain Hunting Club. Now, the Smith Mountain Hunting club is pretty exclusive. There’s just a few of us. You see, you got to be able to shoot well to be here. About three miles away, there’s a valley with bird nests. All you have to do is shoot one of them mid flight. Now, they’re fast. Real fast. But if you can do that, you’re in. A gritty one act drama for cast of 7 actors.

Now today, we have another tryout. This time it’s young Jacob, a troubled youth just recently released from juvenile detention. The club is divided about whether we should give him a chance, knowing his record. But the rules are clear. If he can kill that bird, he’s in.

This one act drama for a cast of 7 won 3rd place at the 2016 Virginia Theatre Association New One-Act Play Writing competition. Read other one act plays by Landen – A mayor for Dixie – one act comedy about running for Mayor.

Author: Landen Swain

Type: One act drama play

Genre: One act drama for a cast of 7

Cast: 6M 1F

Ages of the actors: Teen to adult

Suitable for: Teens up

Length: 25-30 minutes

Set: Five chairs sitting in a semi circle, with a cooler filled with cans of drink sitting in the middle. A stand is set up upstage of the chairs, with a hunting trophy of some sort on it.)

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – static set.

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The Easy Lovin’ Blues – Award winning drama script

award winning drama script


There’s a rhythm in lying. Lying to oneself, to others, both lean on a tempo that’s insistent and ever-present. We come to know that rhythm by the most convenient means; by way of our hearts. Like Naurean who inherited a complex from her mother, one that forces her to question her place in the world as she grows older. Or Trumpy, whose addiction to drugs and to Lady Blue is one in the same thing. Or Amanda whose ignorance, and coincidentally,
awareness of the world leaves her confused and disappointed by it. There’s a rhythm to it all, and in The Easy Lovin’ Blues, a drama, we find it’s a beat that is the same for Naurean, Amanda and Trumpy; the same song, over and over in this award winning  drama script.

Set in 1962, the play examines two triangular relationships, one between an illusive 41-year-old woman and her young, manipulative, would-be lover, the second between an aging musician (and drug addict) and his lover, a dominant and disturbed blues singer. The two couples are conjoined by a young woman (the older woman’s daughter), a dreamer who serves as the point both triangles have in common.

Each character is in pursuit — actively or in his/her fantasies — of some dream, and it is the collision of those pursuits that, metaphorically and cinematically, explores the hope, and the loss of hope, that combine in the dreams of urban society of the mid-twentieth century and of the present day.

The Easy-Lovin’ Blues is a 70-75-minute play (performed without intermission) with a cast of 3w and 2m. The play is highly visual and uses music extensively, including one, original, song. One actor must play the trumpet (or saxophone); one actress must sing. The set is a flexible interior/exterior.

Winner, Georgia Theatre Conference Competition (2015)
Winner, 2010 Bottle Tree Prods. (Kingston, ON) Competition
Winner, Kernodle Competition (Univ. of Arkansas) (2009)
Winner, Ronald Williams Playwriting Competition (2004)
Semi-finalist, Hidden River Arts Competition (2007)
Selected for The Play‑Pen Series, The Asylum Theatre, Las Vegas (1997)
Finalist, Tennessee Williams Competition (1998)

Production/development history
PRODUCTIONS: Hypothetical Theatre Co., NYC (1998 – workshop)
Raven Theatre, Chicago (1997 – workshop
McGill University, Montreal, Canada (2017)
Halifax Fringe festival, The OLD Company Theatre, Canada (2018)

READINGS: Victory Gardens Theatre, Chicago (1997)
The Asylum Theatre (1997)

Read about playwright Evan Guilford-Blake. Poignant comedies by Evan – Some unfinished Chaos

Author: Evan Guilford-Blake

Type: One act play – full length

Genre: Drama, period piece, award winning drama script

Cast: 2M 3F

Ages of the actors: Adult – some middle aged, some young (one should be a child of one of the middle aged actors)

Suitable for: Adults (subject matter)

Length: 75 minutes

Set: Three playing areas. The suggested layout is, upstage, a set of raised platforms which serve as TRUMPY and LADYBLUE’s dwelling; center, NAUREAN and AMANDA’s apartment; and down left or right, a set of steps which serves as the stoop to the apartment building.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – challenging drama with a fantastic script from a well known playwright. Trumpy should be able to play the trumpet/sax. One of the females should also be a singer.

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Getting this close – award winning play for high school

award winning play for high school


Danny Taylor is a senior in high school and has been in love his best friend Emma for as long as he can remember. She is equally interested in him, but neither knows because of the interference of their mutual friend Jessica (Who wants Danny to herself.) Chronicling his final year in high school, Danny finds success, failure and endless frustration in his attempt to win the girl of his dreams.

A show with a great comedic vibe and true love.

This show was produced by E.A. Laney High School in October of 2016.


Canberra Grammar School,  Australian Capital Territory, Australia – 2018
Franklin County School, FL, USA – 2019
Skyview High School, ID, USA – 2020
Hudson High School, MA, USA – 2022
Sachse high school, TX, USA – 2022

At Ashley High School the play took awards in:

Excellence in production design
Excellence in fight choreography
Excellence in Acting (Sam Weaver as Brett)
Excellence in Acting (Dallas Thompson as Danny)

At Washington High School the play received a standing ovation from the 350 present and took the following awards:

Excellence in comedic timing
Excellence in fight Choreography
Excellence in Acting (Sam Weaver as Brett)

Other plays – The Confederation of Radically Altered people (C.R.A.P.) by playwright Brent Holland.

Author: Brent Holland

Type: One act play

Genre: Award winning play for high school, comedy

Cast: Roles for 5 males and 3 females

Suitable for: Middle school, High School or Secondary school students

Ages of the actors: Teenagers

Length: 35-40 minutes

Set: No set has been specified so is entirely up to the director’s discretion

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – a play that will appeal directly to teens.

Read a Sample of the Script

pay now shakespeare

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The Bowl of Soup – award winning ten minute drama plays

one act drama PLAYS


She’s leaving him. She’s met a man and has been seeing him for a while now. She anxiously awaits a man coming to pick her up. He blandly eats a bowl of soup. Her life is packed in a suitcase beside her chair as she waits and waits and waits as he continues to eat as if nothing has happened.

Sometimes when a traumatic event occurs in our lives, we resort to etiquette to cope with the here and now. Although he seems strangely at ease with what’s happening to him. Much to her discomfort.

The Bowl Of Soup also was a winner for the Longwood Theatre’s 0 to 60: Longwood Ten-Minute Play Festival
 and took second place in the 2012 Porter Fleming Literary Competition.


Independent production, Naples, FL, USA – 2018
Samford College, AL, USA – 2019
Metropolitan State University of Denver, CO, USA – 2019

Read about playwright Terry Roueche. Other ten minute dramas (The associate) by Terry Roueche.

Author: Terry Roueche

Type: One act play, ten minute drama plays

Length: Ten minutes

Cast: 1M 1F

Ages of the actors: Married couple any age

Suitable for: All ages

Set: A kitchen table

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – achieving tension in a very commonplace scene

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Prelude to Macbeth – modern Shakespeare plays


modern Shakespeare play
The Thurso players in their winning performance


This award winning one act play is a prequel to Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The story of how Macbeth becomes Thane of Glamis and how he meets Lorna Stewart who becomes his wife – Lady Macbeth. The play is written in blank verse – the style fashionable with playwrights of Shakespeare’s era.

Macbeth’s first wife has just died. Battle weary and devastated by his loss he decides to give up being a soldier. Duncan doesn’t want to lose Macbeth. He offers him the title of Thane of Glamis if he will agree to continue as his general. Macbeth knows he will either have to accept the offer – or flee into exile. Duncan won’t take no for an answer.

Prelude to Macbeth won the 2010 Seahorse Award for best stage play at the Moondance Film Festival in America. At the Wilmslow Guild Drama Festival 2010 it received the Adjudicators Award for the most original piece of theatre.

It was also awarded the trophies for highest directing mark and overall winner at the SCDA Caithness District festival of one act plays in Scotland in 2016.


Artist’s Playground – Quezon, Philippines – 2016
Second round performances Artist’s Playground – Quezon, Philippines
Wauwatosa East High School – Tosa East Players, WI, USA – 2022
Smoky Hill High School, CO, USA – 2022

Read about playwright James Chalmers.

Author: James Chalmers

Genre: Shakespearean tragedy, modern Shakespeare plays

Type: One act play

Length: Forty minutes

Number of actors: Eight, 4M 4F

Ages of the actors: Teenage to elderly

Suitable for: All ages

Set: A simple stage set is suggested – for example free standing flats (1m wide x 2m high) in an arc across the playing area – painted a neutral colour such as grey. Entrances and exits can be between the flats or in front of them. The flats suggest rocks like Stonehenge or castle battlements.

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – this play is written in the same style as Shakespeare wrote, achieving the right flow of the words is paramount.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $10 for this award winning script

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