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The Cindy Variations – coming of age comedy

coming of age comedy


The Cindy Variations is a 95-minute, two-act coming of age comedy about a young woman’s search for love, happiness, professional recognition and, well — love. The play uses a multi-ethnic cast of six (3w, 3m) to play about 45 roles, requires virtually no set and utilizes generally contemporary costumes. There are no unusual technical specifications; simple projections are suggested but lobby cards or the like may be substituted. Its language is very mild and suitable for any community, although the piece is recommended for mature audiences.

The play is narrated by CINDY PESHEK (f: 26) whose story we follow from age eight to the present day. Cindy wants two things out of life: to be taken seriously as an actress and a person, and to be loved. Her problems are two-fold: She is tiny — five feet tall or shorter — with a childlike face — and body: She is “underdeveloped,” about which she is extremely self-conscious. That leads to her second problem: a lack of self-confidence where her relationships with boys (as a girl) and men (as she matures) are concerned. How she learns to overcome that lack, to accept herself and to acknowledge she can be loved, is the play’s throughline.

There is music used in the play available on request. Other full length plays by this acclaimed playwright: The Easy Lovin’ Blues – a  drama.


‘In addition to being rather entertaining, The Cindy Variations by Patterson Dempsey Valdez Starring Cindy Peshek as Herself is also a contender for the longest play name in history. It’s an unorthodox bit of theater, less of a play and more of a monologue paused briefly so other people can talk. It’s quirky, it’s often silly and it does succeed in making you laugh, largely because of the talent of the lead actress.’ – Red Publication, 2016


Development/Award history

READINGS: Sundog Theatre (Staten Island, NY) (2015)
John Tyler Community College (Richmond, VA)
SART (Mars Hill, NC) ScriptFest (2013)
Rose of Athens Theatre (Athens, GA) (2012)
Chicago Dramatists (2011)

Cone Man Running Productions, Houston (2016)

HONORS: Selected for SART ScriptFest (2013)
Third Place, Ohio State University-Newark Competition (2013)
Semi-finalist, 2013 Centre Stage (Greenville, SC) New Play competition

Author: Evan Guilford Blake

Type: Two-act play

Genre: Coming of age comedy. Interactive theatre, black box theatre

Cast: 3M 3F – other than Cindy, each character plays multiple roles. There is scope for groups with addtional actors to cast them in these smaller parts.

Ages of the actors: Cindy is 26, the rest are adults to middle aged.

Suitable for: Adults to perform and watch

Length: 95 minutes

Set: Black box theatre – blank stage with Cindy who interacts with the audience to set the scene and tell her story

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – a lovely piece with scope for multiple actors to play different roles and challenge their skills. Great for monologues too. 

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $10 for this honours play

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Copyright © June 2015 Guilford-Blake corporation

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Photography by Christine Weems

The Easy Lovin’ Blues – Award winning drama script

award winning drama script


There’s a rhythm in lying. Lying to oneself, to others, both lean on a tempo that’s insistent and ever-present. We come to know that rhythm by the most convenient means; by way of our hearts. Like Naurean who inherited a complex from her mother, one that forces her to question her place in the world as she grows older. Or Trumpy, whose addiction to drugs and to Lady Blue is one in the same thing. Or Amanda whose ignorance, and coincidentally,
awareness of the world leaves her confused and disappointed by it. There’s a rhythm to it all, and in The Easy Lovin’ Blues, a drama, we find it’s a beat that is the same for Naurean, Amanda and Trumpy; the same song, over and over in this award winning  drama script.

Set in 1962, the play examines two triangular relationships, one between an illusive 41-year-old woman and her young, manipulative, would-be lover, the second between an aging musician (and drug addict) and his lover, a dominant and disturbed blues singer. The two couples are conjoined by a young woman (the older woman’s daughter), a dreamer who serves as the point both triangles have in common.

Each character is in pursuit — actively or in his/her fantasies — of some dream, and it is the collision of those pursuits that, metaphorically and cinematically, explores the hope, and the loss of hope, that combine in the dreams of urban society of the mid-twentieth century and of the present day.

The Easy-Lovin’ Blues is a 70-75-minute play (performed without intermission) with a cast of 3w and 2m. The play is highly visual and uses music extensively, including one, original, song. One actor must play the trumpet (or saxophone); one actress must sing. The set is a flexible interior/exterior.

Winner, Georgia Theatre Conference Competition (2015)
Winner, 2010 Bottle Tree Prods. (Kingston, ON) Competition
Winner, Kernodle Competition (Univ. of Arkansas) (2009)
Winner, Ronald Williams Playwriting Competition (2004)
Semi-finalist, Hidden River Arts Competition (2007)
Selected for The Play‑Pen Series, The Asylum Theatre, Las Vegas (1997)
Finalist, Tennessee Williams Competition (1998)

Production/development history
PRODUCTIONS: Hypothetical Theatre Co., NYC (1998 – workshop)
Raven Theatre, Chicago (1997 – workshop
McGill University, Montreal, Canada (2017)
Halifax Fringe festival, The OLD Company Theatre, Canada (2018)

READINGS: Victory Gardens Theatre, Chicago (1997)
The Asylum Theatre (1997)

Read about playwright Evan Guilford-Blake. Poignant comedies by Evan – Some unfinished Chaos

Author: Evan Guilford-Blake

Type: One act play – full length

Genre: Drama, period piece, award winning drama script

Cast: 2M 3F

Ages of the actors: Adult – some middle aged, some young (one should be a child of one of the middle aged actors)

Suitable for: Adults (subject matter)

Length: 75 minutes

Set: Three playing areas. The suggested layout is, upstage, a set of raised platforms which serve as TRUMPY and LADYBLUE’s dwelling; center, NAUREAN and AMANDA’s apartment; and down left or right, a set of steps which serves as the stoop to the apartment building.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – challenging drama with a fantastic script from a well known playwright. Trumpy should be able to play the trumpet/sax. One of the females should also be a singer.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $10.00 for this award winning script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about The Easy Lovin’ Blues

Copyright © January 2017 Guilford-Blake Corporation and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Some Unfinished Chaos – Poignant Comedy script

poignant comedy script


This is a two-character (1F: 23, American; 1M: 39, British), single set (two-room interior) “sad comedy,” set in the late 20th century, about the growth of the soul and learning to live in the face of death. It takes place over a six-month period and requires no unusual technical or physical effects. The play is in three acts and has a running time of approximately 1:45 plus intermissions.

Chaos concerns the never-explicitly defined relationship that evolves between ERIC WITTENGER, a writer whose successful — sole — novel was published when he was 22, and who has been trying ever since to create another. That novel — based, as we discover during the play, on the turmoil of his brief marriage and his ex-wife’s descent into eventual suicide — was a huge success, and it still provides his principal, though now modest, means of support, a fact which continues to grate on him; and JESSAMYN TYLER, a would-be writer who is estranged from her father but was close to her recently deceased mother, and who steadily inserts herself into Eric’s life, over his reluctance, in the hope, at first at least, that he will mentor her writing

The nature of the relationship is changed, however, when Eric, who works to retain his emotional distance from the world to avoid repeating the failures of his marital relationship, discovers he is terminally ill (with cancer) and is forced to re-examine his personal and professional needs; and Jessamyn, in an effort that is based both on her own needs and her growing attachment — professional and emotional — to Eric, convinces him to allow her to move in with him to become his primary caregiver.

The play explores the ways people create — and sometimes destroy — in order to survive, physically and spiritually, and deals with what its characters face in coming to terms not only with Eric’s mortality but their own respective fears, hopes; and desires, as artists, to give something to each other and to the world at large.

PRODUCTIONS: Danna Semo Productions, Givataim, Israel
API Theatre, Kalamazoo, MI
Equity Library Theatre Chicago
HONORS: “Top Ten” selection – Chattanooga (TN) New Play Festival
Semi-finalist, Writer’s Network Competition
Finalist, Trustus (SC) Theatre New Play Competition
Finalist, National Future Fest, Dayton, OH

Read about playwright Evan Guilford-Blake

Author: Evan Guilford-Blake

Genre: Sad comedy, poignant comedy script

Type: Three act play

Cast: 1M 1F

Ages of the actors: M late thirties, F early twenties

Suitable for: Adults

Length: One hour and forty five minutes

Set: ERIC’s apartment, a two-room-plus kitchenette in an “artistic” neighborhood of a major city. Most of the furniture came with the place; it’s all cheap and worn — not inexpensive and well-used but cheap and over-used. The two visible rooms — all-purpose living room, and bedroom — are divided by a suggested wall.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – a nice challenging piece for two actors, in which the elements of comedy and drama intertwine. The actor should be able to easily play both genres

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $10 for this award winning digital play script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any Queries about Some Unfinished Chaos

Copyright © September 2016 Evan Guilford-Blake

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Puppet show – a short play for children

short play for children


In this short play for children, a child loses his or her new teddy bear and enlists their older sibling’s help to find it. There are three versions of the play – one with all girls, one with all boys and one with a mixed cast. The short play is ideal for junior or primary school for children aged 7-11 years of age. The play has been previously produced.

Read more about playwright Evan Guilford Blake. Other children’s plays by Evan.

Author: Evan Guilford-Blake

Genre: Children’s play

Type: Short one act play

Length: Five 5 minutes

Cast: Three – two younger and one older child. The script is available for either an all boy, all girl or mixed cast.

Ages of the actors: Ages 7-11

Suitable for: Children

Set: A bedroom shared by the twins. It has two beds, a desk, at least two chairs and a closet. The closet door may be suggested rather than actual.

Level of difficulty: 5/10 – a nice interactive children’s piece. The most difficult thing may be moving the set itself.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $7.50 for this previously produced play. Just click Shakespeare!

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Puppet Show

Copyright © 2002 as an unpublished dramatic work by Guilford-Blake Corp

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God’s Visit – funny skit script about God and Bobby


funny skit script

A short funny skit about what happens when you say the words, “Oh, God!” and God actually appears. In your apartment. God’s in a bit of a hurry because apparently people do this a lot.

Read more about Playwright Evan Guilford-Blake. Other dramas and children’s plays by Evan Guilford-Blake.

Production history

Port Lincoln High School, SA, Australia (2019)
Earl Marriott Secondary School, British Columbia, Canada (2018)
Kill Musical and Dramatic Society, Killdare, Ireland (2017)
Rosemount High School  (2016)

Spokane (WA) Radio Theatre (2012)
Greensboro (NC) Playwright’s Forum (2011)
Gulfport (FL) Community Players (2011)
Holly Theatre, Dahlonega, GA (2002)
Informall Theatre Company, Greensboro, NC (2001)
Heartlande Theatre Company, Birmingham, MI (1997)
Wild Onion Theatre Company, Chicago (1991)
Sri Emas International School, Malaysia – 2020
Highlands Cashiers Players, NC, USA – 2020

Author: Evan Guilford-Blake

Genre: Comedy, funny skit script

Type: One act play, comedy skit about God

Length: 8 minutes

Cast: Two 1M 1F

Ages of actors: Any age

Suitable for: All ages

Set: Variable – can be an apartment or an empty stage.

Level of Difficulty: 6/10 – short funny easy skit

Read a Sample of the Script

pay now shakespeare

Cost is $11.50 for this well produced comedy sketch. Just click Shakespeare!

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any questions about God’s Visit

© 1991, 1995, 2005, 2011 as an unpublished dramatic work by Guilford-Blake Corp.

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Holiday Shorts- collection of plays for the holidays


Christmas plays

plays for the holidays

Seven short plays for both children and adults written around various festivals and the holidays such as Chanukah, the Chinese New year and Christmas. The entire evening of Holiday Shorts may be done in approximately 60 minutes, or one or several plays may be performed individually.  Together, there are about 35 roles. No play calls for more than seven actors. The use of puppets is encouraged.

Anansi and his children: An African folk tale about how the fantastic children of Anansi save him when he is swallowed by a giant fish.

Dreidel: A lovely Jewish children’s play set around the festival of Chanukah. A grandparent tells his young granddaughter, Rachel the story of a miracle, that occurred when he was just eight years old. It tells how he accidentally broke his Dreidel that he had carefully made for Chaunkah, and how he was unable to get clay to make another. Until a miracle happened.

First Christmas: A married couple spends their first Christmas together and, despite various setbacks, they discover that their love for each other is all that they need to make Christmas special.

Gifts of the Magi: an adaption of the famous O.Henry tale. A beautiful story about how a poor young couple give up their prized possession to be able to buy each other the perfect Christmas gift.

The Nian: set at the Chinese New Year, a folk tale that tells of how the terrible Nian was banished forever from China by a clever couple that arrive unexpectedly at a terrified village and how the Chinese New year is celebrated every year because of this.

O, Tannenbaum: – a young boy finds his voice at summer camp which brings him closer to his taciturn grandfather.

Yes, Virginia:  a young girl isn’t sure that Santa Claus exists anymore.

Performance History:

December 2015 – The Overseas American Army as part of their Christmas plays
Howard S. Billings High School, Quebec, Canada – 2018
Department of Theater Lafayette College, PA, USA – 2019

Read more about playwright Evan Guilford Blake. Other plays by Evan.

Recently, Evan’ story My Father’s Robe was published online in Wisdom Crieth Without. This is a traditional story, a very gentle piece that I think will appeal, especially, to those who have aging parents.

Author: Evan Guilford-Blake

Genre: Christmas, festival and plays for the holidays for both adults and children. Includes plays to celebrate the African Kwanzaa and the Chinese new year.

Type: Collection of short one act plays

Length: The entire evening of Holiday Shorts may be done in approximately 60 minutes, or one or several plays may be performed individually.

  • Anansi and his Children – nine minutes
  • Dreidel -Twelve minutes
  • First Christmas – Six minutes
  • Gifts of the Magi – Twelve minutes
  • The Nian – Eight minutes
  • O, Tannenbaum – Eleven minutes
  • Yes, Virginia – Eight minutes

Number and ages of actors: Together, there are about 35 roles. No play calls for more than seven actors. The use of puppets is encouraged.

  • Anansi and his Children: 2w (any age), 2m (1 20-50, 1 any age), 1 either (any age), 2 children (1 girl, 1 boy)
  • Dreidel: (1m (80), 1w (45-50), 1 either (50+), 2 children (girl, 8; boy, 8)
  • First Christmas: 1m (54); 1w (37)
  • Gifts of the Magi: 2w (early 20s, 30+), 1m (25), 3 either
  • The Nian: ( 1m (30+), 3 either (2 any age, 1 40+), 2 children (1girl, 1 boy)
  • O, Tannenbaum: 3w (30s, 60s, 30-65), 2m (35-50, 60s), 1 child (boy, 10)
  • Yes, Virginia: 1m (28-35), 3 either (any ages), 1 child (girl, 8)

Suitable for: All ages

Set: Simple – staging with a few simple furnishings can easily be achieved

Level of difficulty:  7/10 – crowd control if the entire show is performed

Read a Sample of Anansi and his children

Read a Sample of Dreidel

Read a Sample of First Christmas

Cost is $17 for the whole collection

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any questions about  Holiday Shorts

Licensing and Royalties for Holiday Shorts

Copyright © 2009 as an unpublished dramatic work by
Guilford-Blake corporation. © Off The Wall Plays July 2014 as a published work

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