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The Bowl of Soup – award winning ten minute drama plays

one act drama PLAYS


She’s leaving him. She’s met a man and has been seeing him for a while now. She anxiously awaits a man coming to pick her up. He blandly eats a bowl of soup. Her life is packed in a suitcase beside her chair as she waits and waits and waits as he continues to eat as if nothing has happened.

Sometimes when a traumatic event occurs in our lives, we resort to etiquette to cope with the here and now. Although he seems strangely at ease with what’s happening to him. Much to her discomfort.

The Bowl Of Soup also was a winner for the Longwood Theatre’s 0 to 60: Longwood Ten-Minute Play Festival
 and took second place in the 2012 Porter Fleming Literary Competition.


Independent production, Naples, FL, USA – 2018
Samford College, AL, USA – 2019
Metropolitan State University of Denver, CO, USA – 2019

Read about playwright Terry Roueche. Other ten minute dramas (The associate) by Terry Roueche.

Author: Terry Roueche

Type: One act play, ten minute drama plays

Length: Ten minutes

Cast: 1M 1F

Ages of the actors: Married couple any age

Suitable for: All ages

Set: A kitchen table

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – achieving tension in a very commonplace scene

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