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Foreign Therapy – tongue in cheek political comedy script

political comedy script


Read all about it! Read all about it! A new island has been discovered slap bang in the middle of the sea between the USA and Russia (And let’s not forget Canada, of course) . The leaders of each powerful nation are there, vying for ownership of the island in this tongue in cheek political comedy script.

Now, in every doomed marriage there is a mediator, someone whose job it is to smooth things over, as it were. Russia and America hate one another, so his job isn’t going to be easy. Canada has come to the party too, but that wasn’t the mediator’s idea. And because it wasn’t his idea, it’s clear he isn’t going to let Canada have a say, even though he has loads of good ideas.

Now this poor mediator’s task is to get them to agree on something. As the testosterone levels in the room rise, both Russia and America are finally united in the idea that they will go to war with each other over this tiny patch of land and the mediator is finding it more and more difficult and is considering abandoning the whole thing and going for lunch instead.

Enter North Korea. He’s brought popcorn.



Lake Forest High School, IL, USA, -2021
Seton Hill University Theatre and Dance, PA – 2021


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Author: Kate Cosette

Type: One act play

Genre: Political Comedy script

Cast: Cast of 5 Could be 4M 1F or a mix of 2-3 M and 2-3F

Ages of the actors: Teens up

Suitable for: All ages to watch, teens up to perform

Length: 15-20 minutes

Set: A conference room with a long, oval table

Level of difficulty: 7/10: Accents and nuances

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Copyright © 2019 Kate Cosette and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Trump – I’m not a RACIST! Skit

Donald Trump skit


Donald Trump is sitting tweeting one day, when a very nervous Press Secretary enters, saying that they need to talk. About? “Well – about the allegations.” “Allegations?” “That you’re racist. Racist?!!!!” Trump is flabbergasted. He can’t be racist. Most of his staff are Mexicans. So he can’t be. And he eats at Taco Bell. And he lets the black guy win at The Apprentice sometimes. Donald sets out to set things right in the only way he knows how in this Trump racist skit.

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Author: Demarquis Johnson

Type: Short comedy skit about Donald Trump

Genre: Comedy, political, skit, satire, Trump racist skit

Cast: 2M or 1M/1F

Ages of the actors: Adult

Length: Two minutes. This is a short skit. The entire play is two pages long.

Suitable for: All ages to watch and younger teens up to perform

Set: Donald Trump’s office

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – characterization as actors are playing a well known specific role.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $4.00 for this digital skit

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Copyright © July 2018 Demarquis Johnson and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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