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Save our Souls – Short Comedy Script set on board a Ship

comedy set on a ship


Captain Flubberchops and his crew greet a group of passengers on board the cruise ship ‘Eerie’, including the mysterious Mrs Strange. After a meal at the Captain’s table, the passengers disappear one by one. The Captain and his cat, Watson, decide to look for them and row to a mysterious island in the ocean. On the island, they meet a group of scary zombies, but there is something familiar about them in this short comedy script set on board a ship.

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Author: Kate Goddard

Type: One act Play

Genre: Comedy, Kids, Teens

Cast: 14 plus the ship’s crews (Crew 1 and 2) 8F. The rest can be M or N.

Ages of the actors: Children up

Suitable for: All ages to watch and perform

Length: Thirty Minutes

Set: On board the ship, boarding on deck and then at the dining table, and then landing on a mysterious island. 

Read a Sample of the Script

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The Poetry Machine – play for children

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In this play for older children, an ageing poet is suffering a severe case of writer’s block. The poet comes across a gypsy who promises that a poetry machine will be able to help him/her write by simply placing material in the machine to form a story. The writer takes the machine home and after putting his/her grandchild’s toys in the machine, concocts a story in poetry about a pirate, robot and teddy bear. The poet finishes reading the story to find that his/her grandchild has disappeared, presumably having crept inside the poetry machine.

The poet also enters the machine and encounters the characters invented from the previous story, each inhabiting the opposite persona from that of the story. In the quest for his/her grandchild, the poet tries his/her best to comfort the chaotic characters when the gypsy reappears. Blaming the gypsy for the disappearance of his/her grandchild, the gypsy continues to infuriate the poet by speaking in riddles until the poet is finally awoken by his/her grandchild. Back in reality the poet realizes that the machine was not necessary to renew his/her writing and that s/he had the talent all along.

play for children
Photo of the cast of a 2014 production of The Poetry Machine. Courtesy of Western Stage Youth Theatre

Author: Revelly Robinson

Genre: Two-act play for children

Type: Two-act play

Length: Twenty Five  Minutes

Number of Actors:  Six, 6 actors,  all N/M/F

Ages of the actors: It can either be performed by children aged 6-13 years old, or alternatively with 5 older actors and one child

Suitable for: All ages, aimed at children.

Set:   Act 1: Scene one and three are in a house with a writing desk, scene two is a market, but can be performed elsewhere on the stage. Act 2: Inside the dream world of the poetry machine and ends back at home.

Level of Difficulty:  6/10 – script is easy to remember as it is mostly in verse.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6 for this previously performed children’s play

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