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A Walk in the Park – Short play for Seniors

short plays for seniors

A Walk in the Park – Short play for Seniors

When Jack meets Esther in the park one day, he swears she looks familiar. Although Esther initially denies knowing him at all, she invites him to sit down and they get to talking. Jack tells her the story of the girl he knew long ago, the girl he called “Essie,” who helped him get over another girl who broke his heart a long time ago. A five minute short play for seniors – one male and one female.


No Strings Theatre Company, NM, USA – 2021


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“A Walk in the Park” was the first of 3 plays that Mike Cook reviewed for The Bulletin newspaper in the production known as “Connections” which had A Walk in the Park as one of the plays. Read : https://www.lascrucesbulletin.com/stories/viewers-will-connect-with-connections,5840?

Reconnect with theater online via No Strings’ ‘Connections’
 By Cheryl Thornburg
Many of us have been missing connections in this past year and No Strings Theatre Company has a solution – its February production, “Connections: For Love of Love”
 The show opens with the most contemporary, “A Walk In The Park” by Stanley Dyrector. Published in 2018, it is a described as a romantic short play for seniors. Jack is walking in a city park when he comes across a woman sitting on a park bench and he thinks he recognizes her. When he approaches her, however, she denies it and an interesting conversation ensues as she describes the hardship of living in a rent-controlled apartment where the owners want her to move out and he talks about the woman from his past. It’s an endearing piece of theater with characters that seem familiar.

Author: Stanley Dyrector

Type: Five minute plays, short plays, dramatic sketch

Genre: Romantic drama

Cast: 1M, 1F

Ages of the actors: Both over seventy. The female can be older

Length: Five minutes

Set: A Park. Daytime in the present. It is a bucolic atmosphere in the middle of a city.

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – conversational, easy lines to remember and that also flow easily

Read a Sample of the Script

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Copyright © December 2018 Stanley Dyrector

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The Golden Years – Comedy script for seniors

comedy script for seniors


The ‘Golden Years,’ a short comedy script for seniors, captures a day in the life of the seniors at the local senior centre. From the regular Tuesday game of Euchre (or is it Pinochle?) to the complaints to management about the blocked toilet, the bus that was supposed to take them all to WalMart but hasn’t arrived yet, to the slightly hopeful older gentleman trying to get a date, and failing horribly, this short script, by a mature writer will amuse anyone who has been, is or knows anyone senior.


Uehling Famous Follie and Drama Association, NE, USA – 2020
Sycamore Creek Senior Living, OH, USA – 2021

Author: John Schall

Type: One act play, two scenes

Genre: One act comedy

Length: Twenty minutes

Cast: 8M 9F and 1N

Ages of the actors: Over 65

Suitable for: All ages but aimed at a mature audience

Set: Simple set – some tables or desks and chairs

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – nice play for a play reading

Read a Sample of the Script

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Copyright © February 2017 John Schall and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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