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The Promise – three act drama scripts

three act drama scripts


Ben doesn’t keep much company nowadays. When his neighbour, Phil comes over to play cards, Phil is concerned about the moans coming from the bedroom. Ben assures Phil that it’s only his wife, Doris. The only thing is that no one in the building has ever seen Doris. Does she even exist? And if she doesn’t, who is in the bedroom? When three burglars break into the apartment, they discover what really is in there in this drama thriller…

A harrowing tale of madness and delusion, or is it? What is real and what is a figment of imagination? A play for directors and actors to get their teeth into. If well directed it will create a lot of discussion in the audience.


University of Malaya, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia – 2017

Author: E.M. Slocum

Genre: Three act Drama thriller scripts

Type: Three act plays

Length:Two hours, 2 hours

Cast: 3M, 2F(one is only seen once carried across the stage and moans offstage throughout the play), 2N

Ages of the actors: 3 middle aged to older, 4 young

Suitable for: PG 10

Set: An apartment flat, one dining/living room with a rectangular table, one chair on each side. An open kitchen in the background, separated from the dining/living room by a sideboard filled with cookbooks. The dishes are stashed in the sink, an open milk carton and a microwave meal lay on the counter. Next to the entrance door are two large garbage bags which are tied up, plus a third one next to these which is untied and filled to the top with litter. Next to the dining/living room is the small bathroom; a toilet, sink, cabinet, mirror. The kitchen and the bedroom are connected to the bathroom. The bedroom isn’t visible, it goes off the left, offstage.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – there is a build up of tension in this drama thriller to a climax at the end of the play. Challenge – taking the audience on that journey

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Monthly Payments – Full length drama scripts for seven actors

full length drama scripts


Raymond Brown, a typical henpecked husband, arrives home from a hard day at the office.

The Brown’s have a new television set.  Their best friends, Esme and Gerald arrive for a visit. Raymond shows  Gerald a special feature – the portable remote hand control unit has an extra button – he doesn’t know what it is for. … He presses the button and immediately the other three present fall asleep whilst retaining their original poses. When he presses the button again they awaken and carry on as though nothing has happened. Raymond keeps his discovery a secret.

Raymond has other secrets too – he has been making monthly payments to a blackmailer who is threatening to expose him over an affair he had with a younger woman. When the blackmailer arrives at his house with more demands, Raymond uses the new magic button on the remote control to turn the tables on his blackmailer…

Author:  Thomas Baines

Genre: Full length drama scripts

Type: Six act play

Cast:  Seven actors 5M 2F (the smaller police officer roles can be played by F as well)

Ages of the actors: Middle aged main characters, policeman any age

Suitable for:  All ages

Length:  2.5- 3 hours

Set: There is only one scene, it being the lounge of a middle-class type home. … Included (ideally) are:
A main three-seater settee and two single-seater settee type chairs (not the low soft types that are uneasy to get up from).
A room entry door . This, on the right-hand side rear of stage, is for access to and from the hall – it can be seen by the audience . Note: I have also used this door for access to and from the kitchen (via the hall). If thought an improvement, then a second door (open) can be added specifically for this purpose.
A sideboard.
Four small tables (one either end of the main settee, one next to each of the single-seater chairs).
A window with opening curtains (the window is capable of being slightly opened (Act 5).A television set. Which, when on, has the bright blank screen (visible to the audience?). It has a portable remote hand control unit, which is normally kept on the table at Raymond’s end of the main settee.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – a six act play needs to have fresh snappy acting to keep the audience’s interest

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Royal Blood Cannot Be Mixed – Traditional African Plays

traditional African plays


During the mid-sixteenth century, the king, his daughter, his brother and some civil servants admire the work of a young artist in the kingdom of Kongo. The artist has sculpted a stunning likeness of the princess’s face. The king is so pleased with the artist’s work that he promises to give him anything he would like in return. The artist, in love with the king’s daughter, asks to marry the princess. Will the king honour the artist’s request?

Read about playwright John Tshiama Nambombe.

Author: John Tshiama Nambombe

Genre: Traditional African Plays

Type: Three act plays

Cast: Minimum of ten 8M 2F with at least ten smaller parts.

Ages of the actors: Young adult to old age. 2 teen small parts.

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Two hours

Set: The palace, the artist’s studio, the forest

Level of difficulty: 8/10 full scale production with traditional dancing.

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pay now shakespeare

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Verbal Prostitution – Psychological Drama Plays

psychological drama plays


When Connie Lattimore goes for an interview for the Hostess Position at one of the city’s up and coming restaurants, she discovers that she was at high school with the man who owns the restaurant chain.  Times have changed and Connie, who was once a cheerleader and the most popular girl in school is looking for employment with the very man, Lonnie who once idolized her back in high school.  However, Lonnie hasn’t let go of the past at all.  In exchange for money, Connie allows him an hour of her time to talk about the past. But instead she finds that Lonnie is hell bent on humiliating her.   A tense drama for four actors in which the power shifts continually throughout the play.

Author: Mick O’Brien

Genre: Psychological drama plays

Type: Full length one act play

Length: Eighty minutes

Number of Actors: Four – two main parts,  1M, 1F and two small F roles. Male role unattractive, all three F roles attractive.

Ages of the actors: Main roles late thirties 30’s, other two  F twenties to early thirties

Suitable for: Adults only

Set: An office, nicely furnished.

Level of Difficulty:  8/10 – quite wordy and tension must be taken up and down with two characters on stage only.

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Copyright December 2013 Mick O’Brien and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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The Laughing Cow – a two act drama script

two-act drama script


This two act drama script lets the audience into the lives of people working for, associated with and affected by Gurnsey TV, the company whose logo is ‘The Laughing Cow.’ From the lowly assistant working for one of the top executives who just wants to get somewhere, to the guy who believes that they stole his idea and used it to make a successful series, to the fading actress who has an affair to get a part, everyone is part of the wheel that turns Gurnsey TV. But the golden cow that is Gurnsey TV is a very hungry cow, that needs feeding….

‘The Laughing Cow’  premiered in Los Angeles at the Meta Theatre in May, 2012 and received LA Weekly’s Pick of the Week.

Read more about playwright Jessica Abrams.

Author:  Jessica Abrams

Genre: Drama

Type: two-act play, two act drama script

Number of Actors:  Sixteen, 16, 8M  8F

Ages of the actors: Early twenties to any age

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – building a dramatic climax

Set: The sets are extremely spare, and should be movable by either the
actors themselves or outside help with minimal effort and without losing the rhythm of the play. For example, the offices should have one element that sets one apart from the other.

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