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The fourth wall – one act teen adventure comedy

one act teen adventure comedy


For those of you that do not know the most important aspect of the moments leading up to the performance of a staged play, LISTEN UP! The fourth wall exists and to all kamikaze’s, beware! Jack,
Jason and Sarah fail to heed this fierce and true warning when they decide to do a bit of exploring on a blank stage, in ‘The Fourth Wall’ – a one act teen adventure comedy.

When the performers discover the kids, they call off their show in the beginning scene and attempt to catch them and take them to the stage manager. When one of the three kids get caught by the performers, the other two kids left must equip themselves with prop weapons and team up with theatre thugs to fight their way through egotistical lead roles, a stunned narrator, epic soldiers, chaotic scene changes and a short tempered stage manager to get their friend back.

In this comedy, a few frivolous minutes of exploration unravel a series of unfortunate events for a show that is already a hot mess. It is up to the Stage Manager to get it together before the show goes on, as he carefully weighs the risk, reward and raucousness of running a revue.


Estrella Mountain Homeschoolers, Goodyear, AZ, USA – 2017
Parktown Boys High School, Johannesburg, South Africa – 2017
Telstar Middle School, ME, USA – 2017
Lighthouse drama, VA, USA – 2018
SPAG BOL Productions – Ferny Grove State School, Queensland, Australia – 2018
St. Mary’s Girl’s School, Western Australia, Australia – 2018
Christian Academy in Japan – Tokyo, Japan – 2018
Manchester High school, GA, USA – 2018
Newfoundland and Labrador High School Drama Festival (WVH), Canada – 2019

UDWC, UT, USA – 2019
Robin Hood Youth Theatre. Newark, United Kingdom – 2019
Drama Kids of West Metro Orlando, FL, USA – 2019
Manchester High School, GA, USA – 2019
Christ’s College, Christchurch, New Zealand – 2019
Tupper Lake Middle/high School – NY, USA – 2019
Village High School, Victoria, Australia – 2021
The Enrichment Center of Western PA, PA, USA – 2022
Humphrey Perkins School, Barrow upon Soar, UK – 2022


Author: Jonathan Smith

Type: One act teen adventure comedy play

Genre: Action, comedy, adventure, teen

Length: Thirty minutes

Cast: 6M, 2F, 6N (either M/F) Parts may be doubled

Ages of the actors: Three teen, rest are adult but can be played by any age from teens to adults

Suitable for: All ages

Set: Initially a blank stage, then the stage manager’s office with a desk and chair.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – a fun filled play with a unique idea

Read a Sample of the Script

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Copyright © October 2016 Jonathan Smith and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Royal Blood Cannot Be Mixed – Traditional African Plays

traditional African plays


During the mid-sixteenth century, the king, his daughter, his brother and some civil servants admire the work of a young artist in the kingdom of Kongo. The artist has sculpted a stunning likeness of the princess’s face. The king is so pleased with the artist’s work that he promises to give him anything he would like in return. The artist, in love with the king’s daughter, asks to marry the princess. Will the king honour the artist’s request?

Read about playwright John Tshiama Nambombe.

Author: John Tshiama Nambombe

Genre: Traditional African Plays

Type: Three act plays

Cast: Minimum of ten 8M 2F with at least ten smaller parts.

Ages of the actors: Young adult to old age. 2 teen small parts.

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Two hours

Set: The palace, the artist’s studio, the forest

Level of difficulty: 8/10 full scale production with traditional dancing.

Read a Sample of the Script

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©August 2014 John Tshiama Nambombe and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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