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The Laughing Cow – a two act drama script

two-act drama script


This two act drama script lets the audience into the lives of people working for, associated with and affected by Gurnsey TV, the company whose logo is ‘The Laughing Cow.’ From the lowly assistant working for one of the top executives who just wants to get somewhere, to the guy who believes that they stole his idea and used it to make a successful series, to the fading actress who has an affair to get a part, everyone is part of the wheel that turns Gurnsey TV. But the golden cow that is Gurnsey TV is a very hungry cow, that needs feeding….

‘The Laughing Cow’  premiered in Los Angeles at the Meta Theatre in May, 2012 and received LA Weekly’s Pick of the Week.

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Author:  Jessica Abrams

Genre: Drama

Type: two-act play, two act drama script

Number of Actors:  Sixteen, 16, 8M  8F

Ages of the actors: Early twenties to any age

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – building a dramatic climax

Set: The sets are extremely spare, and should be movable by either the
actors themselves or outside help with minimal effort and without losing the rhythm of the play. For example, the offices should have one element that sets one apart from the other.

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The Pump Room – a Drama set in Post Apartheid South Africa

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Force creates pressure and pressure creates counter- pressure. The result? A blowout.

The Pump Room is a drama about the intersection of the criminal and political worlds, the sexual and the ideological. It is a play about the South African reality of the late 1990s, but one which applies to many other societies that have experienced epochs in their history when, after a long period of oppression, a new period struggles to resolve the past and deal with fresh challenges.

The central event that drives the play is the murder of a ‘postman’ carrying drugs. Over several hours on a hot summer’s night, the consequences of this action cause a number of inter-connected people to meet in the pump room of a public swimming pool in Cape Town. These disparate characters play out the tensions and contradictions of their pasts and presents, and a complex web of relationships emerges.

It has been performed at the Windybrow Theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2010 and the the Theatre in the District in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2011.

Author: Allan Kolski Horwitz

Genre: Drama, Protest Theatre

Type: 5 act play

Characters: 4M, 2F

Length: 90 minutes

Suitable for: Adults (language)

Ages of actors: most in 40’s, 2 in 20’s, 1 in 30s.

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – getting the tension of protest theatre correct and maintaining it

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Boise, USA – play about homophobia

play about homophobia

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“Boise, USA,” is an historical drama based on the homosexuality scandal that took place in the fifties in Boise, Idaho and follows the lives of people both accused of homosexuality as well as those whose jobs it was to arrest and convict them. A play about homophobia, as it was 60 years ago, but just as relevant as it is today.


The Boise homosexuality scandal refers to a sweeping investigation of a supposed “homosexual underground” in Boise, Idaho that started in 1955. Beginning with the arrest of three men in October 1955, the investigation broadened to encompass allegations that over 100 young men and teenage boys had been involved in sexual acts with a ring of adult homosexual men. By the time the investigation wound down in January 1957, some 1,500 people had been questioned, sixteen men faced charges, and fifteen of them were sentenced to terms ranging from probation to life in prison.”


Author: Gene Franklin Smith

Characters: 8M, 2F

Genre: Historical Drama, play about homophobia

Type: Full length Play in 2 acts

Length: 95 minutes

Suitable for: 16 yrs and over

Ages of actors: Older teen (2) to adult

Boise, USA was produced in 2008 by the Salem K Theatre Company at the Matrix Theater in Los Angeles and in 2011 at the Fullerton Playwrights Festival.  The production was also featured on NPR’s All Things Considered.

Gene Franklin Smith has enjoyed a theatrical career in both Canada and the U.S.  His produced plays are: Boise, USA (2008), The Matrix Theatre, Los Angeles; Haunted Masters (2004) and More Haunted Masters (2005) (both at Spadina Historic House and Garden, Toronto); Transports of the Heart (2002); Charles Dickens’ Bleak House (2001); Devil’s Consort (1999), all produced at Write Act Repertory Company, of which he founded and served as Artistic Director; Rubicon (1997, The Coast Playhouse, Los Angeles; and in 1999, Wings Theatre, New York); Life Beneath the Roses, which has been performed in several regional theatres and in New York and was a finalist in the Great Platte River Playwrights Festival and Dayton Playhouse’s FutureFest and won Theatre Americana’s David James Ellis Memorial Award; Adults in Love (Lone Wolf Theatre, New York); Created Equal (John Houseman Theatre 2, New York).

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