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Family Separation – a dark comedy skit about parents separating. From their kids

dark comedy skit


When Andrew and Andrea set their kids, Fran and Francis down at the table to talk about something important, the kids naturally assume their parents are going to get a divorce. After all, they have been fighting an awful lot. So it comes as a huge shock when their parents inform them that, yes, they are legally separating, but, no, it’s not from each other, but from their kids. After all, the kids are the source of the problems they’ve been having, really. Without them, they’d have more money and even be able to go on that holiday they’d always wanted. Of course they’d have to move out. Who?  Why? Well, Andrew and Andrea are really attached to the house so it should be the kids that go. Simple? Of course it is! A dark comedy skit about parents separating from their kids.


Lincoln Trail College, IL, USA – 2021
The Alcazar Theatre, CA, USA – 2021


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Author: Peter Keel

Type: Dark comedy skit

Genre: Comedy, family, skit, sketch

Cast: 2M 2F

Ages of the actors: 2 teens 2 parents

Suitable for: Teens up to watch and perform

Length: 7 minutes

Set: Kitchen table/family room

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – fun easy skit – hard to keep a straight face!

Read a Sample of the Skit

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Cost is $5.00 for this digital skit. Just click Shakespeare!

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Stirred, not Shaken – a dark comedy about fiances, dead bodies and martini’s

dark comedy one act plays


James Band brings his new fiance home to meet his parents for the very first time. James is desperate to make a good impression on the very conservatively reared Mary.  Unfortunately, the dead body in the kitchen rather complicates matters…. A prizewinning dark comedy about getting rid of dead bodies, kidnapping and martini’s!

‘Stirred, not Shaken’ won best play, best original script, best director as well as best actress, best newcomer and best cameo in the 2010 Franklin Players Festival of One Act Plays. Read more about Claire Demmer and other dark comedy one act plays.

Other Production History

Kirkwood High School, MO, USA – 2017
Highlands High School, KY, USA – 2017
Omaha Northwest High School, NE, USA – 2017
Masq Kids, Irvine, CA, USA – 2017
Infinite Imagination, AB, Canada – 2017
Waynesville High School, MO, USA – 2017
Diman Reg Voc Tech High School, MA, USA – 2022
University of Northern Colorado School of Theatre Arts & Dance, CO, USA – 2023

Author: Claire Linda Demmer

Cast: 3M, 2F

Genre: Dark Comedy + Farce

Ages of Performers: Mid twenties and up

Suitable for: All Ages

Set: Simple – the main body of the play is set in the living room of an ordinary house. A sofa, two armchairs, a coffee table and a bar with bottles and glasses are all that is needed. Easy and inexpensive to put on.  A small staircase to ‘lead upstairs’ in optional.

Length of Play: 33 minutesLevel of Difficulty: 7/10 (Pacing with farce aspects)

View a sample of the script

Cost $11 for this Award Winning Play

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Copyright September 2010 Off the Wall Plays

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