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The Ladies Guild Annual Pre-Christmas Planning Session – COMEDY ABOUT women’s groups

comedy about women's groups


Without each other, they’re just reminded of how lonely they really are. Together, they’re exposed to how annoying they can be. In, The Ladies Guild Annual Pre-Christmas Planning Session, the ladies take pride in meeting up every year, to serve the charities of the world. Making actual money (in the form of donations) is the goal, of course but it’s also a great opportunity to come to terms with their losses. In one act, the dramedy also introduces us to Linda, who is new to the life of a widow but well-versed in the language of sisterhood because that’s what the Ladies Guild… really is in this comedy about women’s groups.

This play points a seasonal finger at the typical busybodies one always finds in places such as church groups, parents associations and other such societies. ‘Tis the season to be jolly! Or at least, to try.


The School at AIPA, New South Wales, Australia – 2019

Other comedies by American playwright Vin Morreale – Temp Work – a comedy about a sleazy boss

Author: Vin Morreale

Type: One act play

Genre: Dramedy, cynical comedy

Cast: 9F

Ages of the actors: Adult to older women

Suitable for: All ages to watch and mature performers to perform

Length: Fifteen minutes

Set: A half circle of folding chairs likely located in a hall.

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – getting the humour right

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Copyright © 2018 Vin Morreale

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Le Jeu Espion (The Spy Game) WWII Comedy Spoof



The time? World War 2. The place? A little not so innocent French cafe. The Genre? A very, very silly WWII Comedy Spoof.

Now, listen carefully – for I shall say this once only. The French resistance have hidden a secret code inside a painting known only as “The Singing Bovine.” A local street artist, Etienne (a.k.a. Caroline) whose mustache is definitely not fake has the painting. All you need to do is to whisper the secret password to Etienne and she (sorry, he) will give the painting to you. The war will be won today!

Now – do not let the painting get into the enemy’s hands! Beware of the Nazi’s, and don’t trust that Italian or his little Russian friend, either. They all want the painting and will do their best to get their hands on it.

Le Jeu Espion plays homage to the great Allo Allo British Television series and its fans will love its similar feel. A great one act festival play.

Students at the Helen O’Grady drama school perform Le Jeu Espion

Author: Sonja Staunton

Type: One act play

Genre: Comedy spoof script

Cast: 5M, 4F

Ages of the actors: Teen to adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to perform

Length: Fifteen minutes

Set: A street scene in Paris along the Seine, with the Eiffel Tower in the background, and a café stage right.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – getting the bad accents and silly feel. A play the actors can have a lot of fun with.

Read a Sample of the Script


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Copyright © June 2019 Sonja Staunton and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Irish Jack – family comedy-drama script about marrying outside your culture

script about marrying outside your culture


It was an evening like any other in the Goldberg household as Papa, Momma, Gram, and the children, Joe and Miriam, settled down to eat their supper. Papa was his usual content self, Momma cooked an
outstanding meal as always, Gram was as curious and as talkative as ever and the kids were taunting each other as per the norm. Then Joe got up from the table, a few seconds after he had just sat down.
He told Papa he was going to quickly grab some cigarettes. He told Momma he would be right back.

He never returned. Three years later his family discovers that he is alive, well and performing as an Irish comedian. Joe Goldberg (Jewish Joseph Goldberg) is posing as an Irishman. They cannot believe it.

In this drama, with but seven scenes, the Goldberg’s must come to terms with the loss of their child who is far from dead, the acceptance of things foreign to them but a part of his identity and a new meaning to the word

This is Irish Jack O’ Reilly; lost but not wandering in this family comedy – drama script.

Performance History

Battle Lake School, MN, USA – 2016


Author: Tim Brown

Genre: Comedy- drama play script about marrying outside your culture

Cast: 4M 5F

Ages of the actors: Young couple up to grandparent age

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Thirty five minutes

Set: The living and dinning rooms in the Goldberg apartment
The Four Clover nightclub. Time 1955.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – actors must achieve tension of family conflict realistically

Read a sample of the Script

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Copyright © June 2016 Tim Brown and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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