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Straight to the top – Screenplay set in the Prohibition

Screenplay set in the prohibition


It’s Chicago in the 1930’s during the prohibition. The time when the big gangs ruled the streets and to get anywhere, you had to have connections. Hazel is a dancer at the Queen of Sheba Nightclub. She’s recently been dumped by a gangster, Charlie and has fallen on hard times. She is rescued by a rich shipping magnate, Ray who installs her as his home as his mistress. She finds a friend in the magnate’s chauffeur, Wes. Unfortunately a jealous Ray begins to abuse Hazel because of Wes. When she meets and takes up with the Charlie the gangster again the abuse becomes worse. Together Hazel, Charlie and Wes devise an elaborate plan to frame Ray for drug smuggling.

However, a bad seed doesn’t become good again and Hazel is about to learn that trusting Charlie the gangster again can only lead down one road…

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Author: Lauren Ennis

Type: Screenplay set in the prohibition

Genre: 1930’s gangster movie script

Length: Screenplay Two hours long

Cast: Cast of 3M 1F

Ages of the actors: Adult – young to middle aged

Suitable for: PG – violence

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – getting the gritty feel correct

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Cost is $30 for the digital screenplay

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Copyright September 2015 Lauren Ennis and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Mersey Boys – a Screenplay based on the lives of the Beatles

Screenplays about the Beatles, British Screenplays
Joanna Pickering as Ginny Brown



In this screenplay based on the lives of the Beatles, the famous British 60’s pop group, a young American College Professor, Al Moran moves to Liverpool to lecture at the local art college.  There he encounters the student John Lennon and the two soon become friends.  As John’s music and his band become more popular,  Al becomes a firm supporter of the band and lends his influence to their music.  Mersey Boys follows the story of how the Beatles grew from a small band playing in the local nightclubs to a worldwide sensation. The script is a nice mix of fact and fiction that brings the characters to life.  Mersey Boys is based on a book by the same name published under Celtic Badger.

Read more about playwright Steven G. Farrell

Author:  Steven G. Farrell

Genre:  Alternate history

Type: Screenplay based on the lives of the Beatles

Length: Two hours

Main Characters: Twenty main characters are written in the script

Ages of actors: Mostly in their twenties in the beginning but the movie follows them as they age

Suitable for: PG 14, odd sex scenes

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 –  the sets should be simple and inexpensive to hire – clubs, pubs lecture halls and a boat.

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Cost is $30 for this digital screenplay with previous filming history

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Copyright August 2013 Steven G. Farrell and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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