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Eddie – Award winning romantic drama

award winning romantic drama


Eddie’s girlfriend, Maya (actress, big boobs) is about to leave him. ‘About to’ because well she hasn’t done so… just yet. He confides in Sara about this soon-to-be development and it turns out Maya will be dumping Eddie for Sara’s boyfriend Nat (writer/director, interesting hairstyle). It’s all one hot mess and smart as he is, Eddie recognizes it as just that in this award winning romantic drama.

Eddie has a choice now (as he has before): to quietly contemplate his penchant for being involved in (or drawn to) chaotic situations – a memento from his childhood – or engage further in the disorder that this particular situation presents. For Eddie it is easier to drown his emotions and feelings into someone new. Maya, Sara and even an unsuspecting classmate find out the hard way why Eddie is what he is. When his mother’s death sends his already spiralled world into a very real tornado that almost surely spells his end it’s up to them to ‘save him’. Does he love each of them (Maya, Sara, Marni)? Perhaps. Is he using one of them? One or more. Is it all he knows? Sure. And it is not his fault. The question then is, when will it be?

The reality of choosing is that a choice must be made.

Eddie has been workshopped in the Hollywood Fringe Festival and won an encore award in 2015.

Author: David Robinette

Type: Full length play in 20 scenes or screenplay

Genre: Award Winning Romantic drama

Main Characters:
1 – M, 3 – F

Ages of the actors: Young adults – 20’s-30’s

Suitable for: Adults to watch and perform

Length: 100 minutes

Set: Various sets – a patio, art museum, apartment rooms etc. the play can be filmed in these different locations as a screenplay or creatively staged with a clever set. Set in LA and New York.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – lots of conversation. Needs a more intellectual audience.

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Cost is $7.50 for this digital stage play/screenplay

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Copyright © January 2018 David Robinette and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Straight to the top – Screenplay set in the Prohibition

Screenplay set in the prohibition


It’s Chicago in the 1930’s during the prohibition. The time when the big gangs ruled the streets and to get anywhere, you had to have connections. Hazel is a dancer at the Queen of Sheba Nightclub. She’s recently been dumped by a gangster, Charlie and has fallen on hard times. She is rescued by a rich shipping magnate, Ray who installs her as his home as his mistress. She finds a friend in the magnate’s chauffeur, Wes. Unfortunately a jealous Ray begins to abuse Hazel because of Wes. When she meets and takes up with the Charlie the gangster again the abuse becomes worse. Together Hazel, Charlie and Wes devise an elaborate plan to frame Ray for drug smuggling.

However, a bad seed doesn’t become good again and Hazel is about to learn that trusting Charlie the gangster again can only lead down one road…

Other screenplays (Iron Willed – world war 2 movie script) by Lauren Ennis.

Author: Lauren Ennis

Type: Screenplay set in the prohibition

Genre: 1930’s gangster movie script

Length: Screenplay Two hours long

Cast: Cast of 3M 1F

Ages of the actors: Adult – young to middle aged

Suitable for: PG – violence

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – getting the gritty feel correct

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Cost is $30 for the digital screenplay

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Copyright September 2015 Lauren Ennis and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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A Fighting Chance – screenplay about Spanish Civil War

Screenplay about Spanish Civil War


A Fighting Chance relates a British soldier’s coming of age through his experiences fighting with the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War. After witnessing both cruelty and kindness in his interactions with Republican and Nationalist supporters, Jim comes to realize that war and politics are far more complicated than he had ever imagined. The effects of combat upon his best friend and his friendship with a Nationalist widow force him to reevaluate his view of the world and his place in it.

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Author: Lauren Ennis.

Genre: Screenplay about Spanish Civil war – historical drama

Type: Screenplay

Cast: 5 main M 7 main F and many smaller parts

Ages of the actors: All adult

Length: 90 minutes

Suitable for: PG 8 (war violence)

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – some special effects needed – war.

Read a Sample of the Screenplay

Cost is $12.50 for this digital screenplay

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Copyright © February 2015 Lauren Ennis and Off The Wall Play Publishers


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