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Thirds – suburban satire play about inheriting a house

satire play


Muriel Tuck, a quirky widow who succumbs to a burst aneurysm, has left her estate to be divided equally among her three adult daughters. The oldest, Delilah, is the executor of the will and the mother of three young children. She intends to sell the sisters’ girlhood home and to divide the proceeds between them. This plan is amenable to the middle daughter, neurotic librarian Olivia, whose primary concern is family harmony. But the youngest daughter, Maya, still lives rent-free in her late mother’s house, and refuses to leave. Instead, she begins constructing a brick wall across the living room—separating her one-third from the two-thirds belonging to her sisters. Maya acknowledges that her sisters may sell their parts of the house—“like a lopsided duplex”—but she refuses to give up her portion, and its “lifetimes of memories,” under any circumstances in this suburban satire play about inheriting a house.

Enter Phyllis Hofmeyer. Phyllis, a former schoolmate of the Tuck sisters, wishes to purchase the house because she wants her own daughters to have “as wonderful a childhood” as she imagines the Tuck girls enjoyed as children. She is so determined to purchase the property that even Maya’s fabrications regarding the calamitous condition of the house—infestations of fire ants and bedbugs and termites, the tale of a fourth sister murdered by an escaped baboon, etc.—prove unable to dissuade her. But as Phyllis’s motivations become clearer, and increasingly more disturbing, Maya is not the only Tuck daughter who begins to have second thoughts.

Thirds offers a satiric romp through suburbia, and a heartfelt, if zany, account of one family’s efforts to make the best of life’s plenteous surprises. It is intended to be off-beat, provocative and fun.


First Avenue Playhouse, NJ, USA – 2018
Dudley College, United Kingdom – 2022
National Chung Cheng University, TAIWAN – 2022

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Author: Jacob Appel

Type: Two-act play

Genre: Satire play

Cast: 4F

Ages of the actors: Late twenties to early thirties

Suitable for: Adults to perform, all ages to watch

Length: 90-110 minutes

Set: The entire play takes place in the combination living room / dining room of the Tuck residence in an upscale suburb of New York City. One door exits to the garage stairs, the other to the kitchen and beyond. Neither the garage nor the kitchen are visible. Those who favor realism might furnish the stage with a damask sofa stacked high with pillows, an assortment of armchairs, a rocking chair, cluttered bookshelves, armoires filled with knickknacks, a dining room service beneath a chandelier, and a crescent-shaped glass coffee-table of the variety that was fashionable during the 1970s. A tablecloth should cover the dining room table; a bouquet of flowers sits in a vase on the tabletop. High budget productions might include a piano—although no one in the Tuck household has played a piano in many years, nor ever played one well. Above all, the room should appear “lived-in”: pizza boxes open on the coffee table, old board games piled high on the sofa. Also gardening supplies, an easel, maybe works of sculpture in progress. In short, this is what happens when a free-spirited twenty-seven year old takes over a house from a middle-aged matron.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – satire is an art – to play the comic elements off with a straight face

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Let’s get rid of the plump people! – modern Greek comedy

Greek comedy


Andreas Efraimoglou, the Greek minister of foreign affairs isn’t really the nicest person in the world. In order to get where he is today, he has had to make a few deals in his time. He’s set his mind on winning the election after the next, and has two suitcases full of money to give to the right people to ‘ensure’ he wins it. He’s going to become party leader this time round, you see. He’s also obsessed with the latest health fads – the anti smoking campaign, and the anti obesity campaign. But it’s all going to come back to bite him….in a bad way, in the end.

This English version is a translation from a well staged Greek play.


Genre: Modern Greek Comedy (satire)

Type: Four act play

Length: Two- 2.5 hours

Cast: 18, 12M 6F

Ages of the actors: 1 child M, 11 years old, rest adult (middle aged up)

Suitable for: Adults

Set: The Minister’s office. On the right side of the stage with respect to the audience, there is a large, long table that is used for meetings. A television screen is turned toward the direction of the Minister’s office (the audience can see only the back side of the screen). The entrance is to the left of the stage with respect to the audience.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – getting the irony and humour across in this comedy satire

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Copyright © March 2015 PANAGIOTIS IATROU

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