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The Heirs – British comedy script

British comedy script


Margaret Hubbard is rich; painfully and decadently rich. Mrs. Hubbard is also dead and according to her will she is determined to drive her husband crazy (one last, exquisite time) with a to-do list that would have him claim the will’s contents only upon the doings on the list being completed. In fact, the rest of those on the receiving end of said will (who are interestingly enough mostly Hubbard
Manors’ staff) may only receive their inheritance should Mr. Hubbard succeed. This is a story we have seen time and again: what adversity can teach the hero about themselves, when they commit to taking on the challenge and the tricky consequences thereof. It’s a story about our hero, Jeremy Hubbard, husband to a recently deceased dragon and how he endeavours to fulfil his destiny and
claim what is ‘rightfully’ his – a temptingly sumptuous inheritance, of course. Our hero faces the dragon beyond the grave with the help of the staff and the fire-breathing lizard’s lawyer. And the
lesson? It begins and ends as the story does; with insatiability.


Wabash Area Community Theatre, IN, USA – 2017

Read about playwright Jean Blasiar.  Other comedies (Am I good?) by Jean.

Author: Jean Blasiar

Genre: British Comedy Script

Type: Four act play

Cast: 2F 4M (mains)

Ages of the actors: Adult – all ages

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Two and a half to three hours

Set: A room with a high ceiling and one large window without curtains. A coffin stands in the room. The coffin is then removed at the scene change to make way for a coffee table with chairs, some bookshelves and decorations such as potted plants.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – length. With four acts it is up to the director’s discretion if they allow interval between acts, however this play has had a successful run.

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Let’s get rid of the plump people! – modern Greek comedy

Greek comedy


Andreas Efraimoglou, the Greek minister of foreign affairs isn’t really the nicest person in the world. In order to get where he is today, he has had to make a few deals in his time. He’s set his mind on winning the election after the next, and has two suitcases full of money to give to the right people to ‘ensure’ he wins it. He’s going to become party leader this time round, you see. He’s also obsessed with the latest health fads – the anti smoking campaign, and the anti obesity campaign. But it’s all going to come back to bite him….in a bad way, in the end.

This English version is a translation from a well staged Greek play.


Genre: Modern Greek Comedy (satire)

Type: Four act play

Length: Two- 2.5 hours

Cast: 18, 12M 6F

Ages of the actors: 1 child M, 11 years old, rest adult (middle aged up)

Suitable for: Adults

Set: The Minister’s office. On the right side of the stage with respect to the audience, there is a large, long table that is used for meetings. A television screen is turned toward the direction of the Minister’s office (the audience can see only the back side of the screen). The entrance is to the left of the stage with respect to the audience.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – getting the irony and humour across in this comedy satire

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6 for this digital previously staged script

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