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International Copyright Laws and Disclaimer


Copyright USA

Please note that we only accept plays that have not been published and/or copyrighted by another publishing house. If your play has already been published, it is not suitable for publishing on this site without permission from the publishing house concerned. Attempts to have your play published by more than one publishing house, without permission from all the publishing houses concerned, constitutes fraud and may make you liable for prosecution.  Please note that Off The Wall Plays relies on the honesty and discretion of the authors in this regard and cannot be held liable or responsible by any other publishing house if the author of the play has attempted to have his/her play published illegally. If the play is unknowingly published by more than one publishing house, then the house the published the play at an earlier date has the rights to the play, unless the rights have been legally ceded to the alternative publishing house by both the author and the original publisher of the play.

International Copyright Laws state (in countries other than the United States of America) that once a play is published, it is considered to be copyrighted by the author and/or the publishing house and no other person may attempt to publish the work under another author’s name unless copyright has expired on the material or permission from both the author and the publishing house has been given. If the author is a resident of the United States of America, then the play must also be registered with the appropriate body in the USA in order for copyright to hold. The play remains the property of both the author and Off The Wall Plays and any changes to the script once published, or change of publishing house, must be authorized by both parties involved.