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Following Dogs – two hander one act plays

two hander one act plays

two hander one act plays



In this bittersweet comedy for two actors, Jack, a thirty to forty-ish year old guy, who has just lost his job as a janitor believes that he has finally found the secret to health and happiness. Jack becomes obsessed with his new found ‘elixir,’ cooking up jars of the stuff and drying it in his kitchen.  This new found obsession, coupled with the fact that Jack is terrified of having kids, because of years of abuse at the hands of his father, results in his wife leaving him.

Marty, his wife’s brother, believes in Jack, and knowing that Jack loves his wife dearly, and vice versa, tries to cure Jack of his obsession and repair the rift in his marriage.  This two-hander one act play is strictly a drama, but written in a very witty way, which allows very touchy subjects to be spoken about with humor and understanding.

Author: Tim Garvin

Genre: Drama or poignant  comedy

Type:  Two hander one act plays

Length:  One hour

Number of Actors:  Two, 2M

Ages of Actors:   Late twenties to early forties

Set: A shabby, fairly barren apartment. At right is a stove, a sink, a counter top with a toaster, a table with three chairs. There are two doors, at the back and at the side. A few prints are tacked to the wall—flowers, landscapes, a painting or two. In the center of the stage are two chairs, one well padded, the other straight-backed and wooden. Beside the well padded chair is an end table. On the stove is a covered pan.

Level of Difficulty:   7/10 – the dialogue flows well, but the actors will need to focus on the interaction between the two characters.

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A Blind Date – a short one act romantic comedy




In this one act romantic  comedy, two ungainly misfits meet on a blind date. Each are “turned off” by each other’s appearance and odd behaviors. By chance, Skip, reads a line from Yeats and when Eileen completes it, they discover that they have much in common.

” A Blind Date”  – a short one act romantic comedy, was performed at the 13th St. Repertory Theatre in NYC, The Mountain Stage Company in Hendersonville, NC. and it was a finalist at the Boston Playhouse Marathon, Boston, MA. Read more about Elliot Baker

The author will allow workshopping of this play.

Production History:

2016 – Sterling, VA, USA
Paper Mill Players, NC, USA – 2018
Mehlville High School, MO, USA – 2019
Harding University, AZ, USA – 2020
University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK – 2021

Author: Elliot Baker

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Type: Short One Act Play

Length:  Eighteen 18 minutes

Number of actors: Two – a 2 hander, two hander 1M, 1F

Ages of actors: 20s to 30s, 20-30

Suitable for: All  ages

Set:  A messy living room

A beaten-down brown sofa with an assortment of pillows, a coffee table with a few poetry books, a waste paper basket and a portable CD player with CDS piled next to it. Scattered on the floor are newspapers and magazines. On the wall, is a print of abstract art which is off-center.

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