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Cheeky – One act comedy that’s not a pain in the butt.

one act comedy play


So…I am butt cheek number one. Next to butt cheek number two. Only he’s a bit of a pain in the…sorry, let me not be a total ass about this and explain what I mean. I will start by stating that even though I share DNA with number two, in my opinion we couldn’t be more different. I, for example am the cultured one, the wine connoisseur and I know my vocabulary is better. Or should I say ‘superior.’ It’s like a great divide separates the two of us.

Anyway, today may turn out to be quite an exciting day and the two of us may finally get to see the light of day again. We get the feeling he’s got a hot date. Or something else equally as fun! A one act comedy play for two male actors.

Read about playwright Morley Shulman. Other one act comedies by Morley – Naked – when a blind date starts out with just a little lie..

Playwright: Morley Shulman

Type: Short one act play

Genre: One act comedy play

Cast: 2M (similar looking)

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: PG 10 – odd innuendo

Length: 10-15 minutes

Set: Black box theatre or at the director’s discretion

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – funny short play for 2 actors that relies on characterization for humor.

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one act comedy


Two-hander one act comedy play script in which an errant husband’s yoga instructor girlfriend, aptly named ‘Çhristmas,’ manipulates the wife into divorcing her husband, the wife’s subsequent disintegration into the classic stages of anger (cured by throwing his stuff out the house), depression (cured by fried chicken) and toyboying (cured by ‘Malcolm’) and her gradual rehabilitation with the love of her son. Nice subtext of the male mid-life crisis.

Watch a short segment adapted for film on Youtube by comedian Corrine Rogan.

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Author: Ashley Nader

Genre: Family comedy-drama

Type: One act comedy play, Two-hander

Cast: 1M 1F

Ages of the actors: M young to middle aged, F middle aged to older

Suitable for: PG 14 language, sexual innuendos

Length: Fifteen to twenty minutes long

Set: Set is a typical living room 

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – an easy conversational play, dialogue driven

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Copyright © August 2015 Ashley Nader and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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