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Villains Incorporated – Award Winning Teen Play

award winning teen play


Three high school students decide that they would like to make chaos out of the upcoming school Halloween Dance, in Villains Incorporated. Sounds like a typical tale of your average
teenage trouble-makers, right? Wrong! In this comedy, Nefarious, Nemesis and Notorious are just about as un-typical as three teenagers can get; you see they are villains. They were
“born” to create chaos; to nurture it, dote on it, watch it evolve and help it come to life! In fact disorder is such a firm part of their make-up that they would go as far as to be in cahoots with one Virtuous (quite literally, an upright – or uptight? school mate, who would like to lead them onto a more righteous path) in order to achieve their wickedness. In this play though, it isn’t the obvious guess at who learns the moral lesson but it definitely is the more fun choice.

One small step for juvenile delinquents, one giant leap for Villain-kind!

Villains incorporated received 3 Superior ratings out of three at the VBCPS One Act Play Festival in 2015. This is the highest rating possible.


Cinco Ranch High School, TX, USA – 2017
SPAG BOL Productions – Ferny Grove State School, Queensland, Australia – 2018
RPI players, PA, USA – 2018
Kirby Middle School, TX, USA – 2019
Riverdale High School, FL, USA – 2019
Cameron Homeschool Drama Club, MO, USA – 2020

Author: Mary Long

Type: One Act Play

Genre: One act Comedy

Cast: It can be cast with as few as 11 actors, or it can be expanded to include more. Many of the roles can be adapted for boys or girls. It has been performed by a cast of 18 students from Virginia Beach Middle School.

Ages of the actors: 13 up to 18

Suitable for: Teens

Length: Thirty minutes

Set: A school. Set is at the director’s discretion

Level of difficulty: 6/10 crowd control. A fun play with witty lines which everyone should enjoy.

Read a Sample of the Script

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Return to Vardia – Three act adventure play for large cast

play for large cast


‘Return to Vardia’ is A Fantasy in the form of a quest. Three young archaeologists stumble upon the remains of a palace of a lost tribe in Dacia, now known as Romania, and seek to discover the meaning behind the discovery of the chalice of Vardia. The story of Vardia is told by Marlinus, the timeless ‘wizard’ and the past is brought to life. It has a very large cast for performance by 10 -13 and 14-16 year old students for audiences aged 9 to ageless!

Read about playwright Keith Passmore.

Author: Keith Passmore

Genre: Adventure

Type: Three act full length play

Number of actors: The play has 77 parts but many can be doubled up. Minimum cast size 35

Ages of actors: Children to adult

Suitable for: All ages

Set: The scenes in this play may be staged simply or elaborately. The use of lighting is important, particularly in the mountain and forest scenes in order to suggest mood and the environment. In the first production polystyrene was used to create rocks, damaged wall sections were and the rubble in Act One Scene 1 and Act 3 Scene 3. Complete polystyrene pillars, approximately 4 metres in height, were positioned in all scenes, but were moved Far L and R in the Eastern Pass and forest scenes to allow more access and space for the BIRDS and MOUNTAIN PEOPLE. Standing decorated hinged flats were used to suggest locations, but this is a matter of choice.

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – length of the play

Read a sample of the script

Cost is $6

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Peter’s Dream – a three act play for high school

plays for high school


In this three act play for high school, Peter’s family is about to lose the cottage they have lived in all their lives to their wicked uncle, Marmaduke.  Marmaduke believes that his dead brother’s fortune is hidden somewhere in the cottage grounds and will do anything to get hold of it. He is aided by three slightly stupid louts whom he uses to do his dirty work for him and who threaten Peter’s aunt with violence in order to force her to leave. Peter’s family’s prospects seem bleak, until Peter receives a mysterious scroll in a dream that will help solve his family’s problems. With the help of the plucky “Angel,” they set about finding the hidden treasure and getting their revenge on the wicked Marmaduke. With a cast of twenty one, this play is ideal for middle and high school productions.

Author:  Keith Passmore

Genre: Adventure, period piece

Type: Three act play for high school

Length:  Two hours

Number of actors:Twenty one (21) but some parts can be done by more than one actor

Suitable for: All ages, a family audience

Set:  The inside of a cottage, a bar, and an office, as well out outdoors. Much can be done with a few simple furnishings.

Level of Difficulty:  6/10 – an exciting easy, fun filled adventure script

Read more about playwright Keith Passmore

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5

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